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We are living in the 'Drones Age...'

Drones can be more efficient and effective in drawing local, and global investment land, water and space maps and urban planning

Have you ever thought of a name for our present days? For example, we have heard of the Bronze Age, the Iron Age to refer to the time our ancestors invested in converting our earth’s natural resources and energy to achieve their goals in life.

A number of scholars wrote that our current generations are witnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution while referring to our leveraging of the powers of steam then electricity followed by computers until we have reached the present day Artificial Intelligence, or AI, induced revolution where the cyber and physical worlds are beginning to integrate.

However, in reality and on the ground, we are living in the drones age, where we are doubling global market investments from around $15 billion today to more than $30 billion by about seven years in 2030 into Unmanned Aerial Vehicles- known as UAVs or drones. Why all these precious investments are poured into defence, military purposes and operations, the question today is why should we explore other investment area where drones can make a more positive impact?

Today’s spiraling conflicts, from the Russian war on Ukraine to civil war in Lydia ad Sudan, over power, land and natural resources can be preventable if we can equip humanity with the tools to design and plan a more just way to share land and natural resources. Drones can be more efficient and effective in drawing local, and global investment land, water and space maps and urban planning that show us most optimal options for negotiating and sharing resources and connectivity in a way that avoids and minimises conflicts.

Pandemics prove time and again that health services delivery operations are the most significant human investments along with educational investments. What if invest in drones preserving life, such as the Silicon Valley company called Zipline, instead of drones delivering death, such as Israeli drones that have killed thousands of Palestinian women and children? Investing in drones delivery of educational materials and medicines has the power to save lives and change the narrative of our planet, from an endless cycle violence to a positive impact driven societies.

Heavy rains, earthquakes, and volcanoes and other natural adverse weather conditions can be disastrous and costly. Drones can be much more safe, efficient and effective in conducting relief, search and rescue operations in affected areas. The constant improvements in materials, AI and range can lead to a more convenient way of delivering much needed aid relief not only in disaster stricken areas but also in remote areas that have been not liveable in the past

We are fully responsible for the choices we make today, including whether to invest directly or indirectly in any way, shape and form in life or death. Let us make no mistake, we have chosen in the past to invest more in nuclear submarines than in more sustainable, regenerative fishing and farming techniques. Today we have the choice between investing in health, educational and relief drones or nuclear drones.

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