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My Oman - the hidden jewel of the Middle East

Oman is not a one dimension country and has so much to offer for every type of tourist

Oman’s time has come as many international travel websites and guides such as the Lonely Planet had listed Oman among the top 10 global tourist destinations.

When traveling to the Middle East many travellers would recognise the region with the famous city of Dubai, which in return helped recognise other cities in the UAE.

The neighbouring countries and cities fall behind as many tourists want to visit Dubai which is like Las Vegas of the Middle East - a must visit destination.

Years has past Dubai has grown more popular and has become one of the top destination for travellers.

This has also brought the country just south of the border much needed attention.

That country is Sultanate of Oman what is known as the jewel of the Middle East blessed with natural beauty and a coastline stretching from the Suhar to the greens of Dhofar.

An adventure’s dream from the sandy dunes, the cool wadis, and the rocky mountains to kharef Salalah can be realised in Oman.

Oman is not a one dimension country - it has a desert, mountains, the greenery, beaches, islands - and so much to offer for every type of tourist.

The vast culture of the old towns, historic landmarks of cities such as Nizwa, the beaches of Barr al Hikman, turtle beaches of Ras al Jinz, Ras al Hadd, Masirah Island and the Al Daymaniyat Islands, the greens of Salalah and the mesmerising mountain peaks of Al Jabal al Akhdar and Jabal al Shams.

Oman has it all and the list of places to visit are endless and the beauty captivates both locals and tourists.

The Sultanate of Oman has a lot to offer - just go to YouTube and type Oman you will find guides on the best places to visit, travel diaries, stories of many travellers and recommendations to visit the country.

The New York Times in 2023 named Salalah among the top tourist destinations for its offerings especially during the kharif season from June to September.

Muscat the hub of the country is now also being recognised and ranked among 20th safest cities in the world. Many international travel guides list places to visit are the famous Muttrah Souq, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Royal Opera House, Al Daymaniyat Islands.

The capital will see more visitors with its ever expending potential with new tourism projects.

As a whole Oman is booming with great potential as many projects will support the tourism in the region that can only grow as the county’s popularity will increase year after year.

The options for visitors to visit the country are many as new attractions are coming up and have been completed like the new ‘Oman Across Ages’ a gorgeous museum located in the Wilayat of Manah.

Oman the hidden gem in the Middle East is no longer lesser than its neighbours, a shining diamond for everyone to see.

Oman is heading in the right direction of becoming a timeless masterpiece - an art painted on a portrait which draws a picture of its natural beauty, building still suck in time, beautiful beaches, desert sands mixed with greenery, a modern touch of past, present and future. My Oman the hidden jewel - it’s time has come.

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