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Festival of family bonds, unity and joy in Shinas

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Muscat - The Wilayat of Shinas is known for its diverse celebrations of Eid al Fitr. As soon as the Fajr prayer concludes, women begin preparing ‘harees’, ‘arsiyya’, Omani sweets, fruits to serve neighbours and family who come to exchange greetings, as generosity is a vital aspect of Eid celebrations in all homes.

Men prepare for the prayer and break their fast either before or after the Eid prayer.

On the first day of Eid, all the residents of Shinas gather to perform the Eid prayers, after which they celebrate with Takbeer, thanking Allah for the blessings of Ramadhan, and praying to God Almighty to accept their fasting. After returning from prayers they prepare for slaughtering the Eid sacrifices, making food of their choice. The families gather to share the meal amid an atmosphere of joy, love, and happiness.

Mohammed al Kaabi, a resident of Shinas, shared that the manifestations of Eid are not much different from other wilayats in Oman. He added that joy prevails in the hearts of young and old, and everyone is keen to visit family and friends throughout the festival days to exchange greetings.

Saif al Raisi, another resident of Shinas, shared that barbecuing, grilling, fried foods, and visiting family and relatives are among the most important aspects.

Abdulaziz al Balushi said Eid offers an opportunity for people-to-people contact, exchange greetings, strengthen relationships, and increase community bonding.

Food constitutes an important aspect of the festival. Some prefer to prepare it on the evening of the day of the feast, and others on the second day. On the third day, some visit tourist and heritage places in the wilayat, in addition to holding traditional dances and songs as an expression of joy in the happy feast.

During festive occasions, Omani sweets are an essential part of every household, and they differ in their manufacture and quality from one house to another.

The celebration in Shinas, like other wilayats, establishes strong family bonds, love, and closeness among the residents. The festive occasion brings everyone together in a spirit of unity and joy.

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