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Are we discriminating the disabled?

The Ministry of Social Development had launched 'Services and Facilities for Person with Disabilities' to help and support them

I am disabled, not unable, I am only limited to the chances given to me and not from my own ability.

Disability is only limited to the word. They are still capable if given a chance to work and they are always willing to contribute.

Many of them are quite talented from arts, design to sports. They do possess the ability and passion to succeed.

Institutions like Al Amal School for the Deaf help support and educate many children and people who are deaf.

When speaking to students of Al Amal School for the Deaf and some members of Al Amal Club for the Deaf, they all believe that everyone deserve a chance in working and contributing to the society and they should never be looked down or felt sorry for 'we are as capable as everyone else.'

"Supporting people with disability was incorporated when I was working in Wyndham Garden Muscat," said Marwa al Ofi, who is Senior HR Operations Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton. We had initiated a CSR programme (Corporate Social Responsibility) which is not a new concept and many organisations in the country do implement. We initiated an internship programme hiring employee with a disability in different area in the hotel.

Across the country many organisations have started similar initiatives in various industries.

There are now many services and facilities for people with disabilities, the Ministry of Social Development had launched “Services and Facilities for Person with Disabilities” to help and support person with disabilities.

Other ministries also introduced different initiatives to help support the disability community, including companies such as Oman Post and Oman National Transport Company (Mwasalat).

There are now many facilities and services supporting a person with disability. But yet what is longed for is a chance of equal opportunity to work, to earn, being an equal member of society, and a contributor.

There are many who are talented and have shown their skills from artists, designers, presenters and many more. But there still many more who acutely just want to work.

We want to be seen as ones who can make a difference, a male who provides for his family and a female who is capable of making a difference.

Give me a chance I will prove you that I am as equal as the rest that should be the motto.

We want to work so we can earn to build a house, drive a car and have a future. Many from the disabled and special needs community have stated that it took them long time to get jobs and that still there are many companies lacking expertise in hiring a person with disability or special needs. As well as many schools and colleges still lack equipment to handle students with disability or special needs.

To date many organisations still lack expertise in hiring and are not equipped in placing them in an organisation and many HR staff are not trained to support a disabled or a special needs person.

Despite the great initiative, facilities and services to support the disability community. More is needed to support them to have more active involvement in the social arena, to be employed, and given opportunities to progress. What all they want to be equal partners in the development of the society.

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