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The way of truth and the way of opinion

People don't seek the truth because they think that by telling lies, they are protecting themselves

In today's world of unstoppable progress, finding "the real truth" has become a complex process. Is it possible to understand that words like these and great thinkers from the past no longer have a place in this world? What prevented thinkers from being seen and truth from being recognised? Have thinkers' roles been fulfilled? Have all the world's economic, educational, political, and philosophical problems been solved? Today, in an increasingly busy and crowded world, what should a person do if he intends to find thinkers or become one? Which of those ways of truth are they?

Greek philosopher Plato once argued that lives go wrong largely because we rarely devote enough time to thinking carefully and rationally about our plans. In these times, advice from thinkers like these always adds value to the lives we live, because if we don't take time to think, we end up with the wrong values, careers, and relationships. In Plato's opinion, this is one of the ways of truth? In order to bring clarity to our minds, he was always striving to do so. In today's world, where is the "Plato"?

It's been taught to us since we were kids that the truth is always the right choice, even when it's hard. Taking it to an individual level, there are times when people hide facts from themselves. For instance, he knows he lacks the skills for the job, but in the interview, he says he does. In the future, such behaviour will pose a problem for him. He may have got the job, but in the process, he fooled himself and was not honest with himself. In the future, he believes the same practice will be carried out because he believes he has succeeded, so he will succeed again. Being honest with oneself is one way to find the truth.

In some cases, people don't seek the truth because they think that by telling lies, they are protecting themselves. If we tell the truth, what's wrong with that? Truth has a price. What will it cost us? In order to improve society and the workplace, truthfulness must be practiced. If "told lies” were caught one day, what would happen?

The psychological effects of lying can negatively impact your sleep. Your brain might be consumed with anxious thoughts over the lie, so you may have trouble falling asleep at a certain time.

It is impossible for a relationship to sustain itself if it is based on lies. It is impossible to maintain wealth, respect, or position if they were built on lies. We understand in today's "rat race" people practice different tactics, one of which is "lie". Isn't this something that should be avoided?

In order to be role models to the next generation and existing, honesty, truth, and right direction should be our "values", because through such values we will be able to show them how to behave.

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