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No fine for ferrying friends and family: Transport Ministry clarifies

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Muscat: The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) on Sunday issued a clarification regarding the recent inspection campaign aimed at finding illegal taxis run by expatriates in the country. MTCIT clarified that people who transport their acquaintances and friends without any financial reward won't be fined.

Expats in Oman have been expressing concerns across social media platforms regarding the recent inspection campaign by the Transport Ministry. Many said they were fined (RO200) while traveling with friends and family. Some wrote to Observer, saying he got a fine of RO200 while ferrying their injured friend for medical aid. One said, he got fined while dropping his wife at the airport, who is on a different visa.

“The Ministry would like to clarify that the inspection campaigns on land transport, which the ministry has recently begun to implement, aim to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Land Transport Law. The implementation of regulations is to ensure the safety of users of land transport and the safety of goods and to preserve the rights of the parties of land transport carriers (the sender and the consignee)" says a statement from MTCIT.

The ministry added: “The inspection teams came across a number of violations, including violations of the requirements for carrying out transport activities with regard to the transportation of goods and ferrying individuals.”

The statement clarified that the inspection teams have been instructed to ensure that only drivers who violate the provisions of the executive regulations of the Land Transport Law should be fined and that it did not include people who transport their acquaintances and friends without any financial reward.

“If people have been penalized while ferrying their friends or relatives, their grievances can be submitted about the violations for review at the Land Transport Department at the Ministry’s General Office or the Roads Departments in the governorates within 15 days from the date of its issuance,” added the statement from the ministry.

The statement said: “Through these campaigns, the ministry aims to organize the land transport sector and open the way for companies and individuals to invest in this vital sector after obtaining the necessary approvals and permits from the ministry and the concerned authorities.”

The ministry confirmed that the inspection campaigns will continue and urged workers in the sector to adhere to the requirements of the Land Transport Law and its regulations.

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