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Khazaen - the treasure trove

Khazaen is an integrated economic city which is close to Muscat Governorate and part of Greater Muscat as per the urban planning

We used to hear about Khazaen city from a distance. But seeing it and listening about it is different. If you have a first-hand view of this city, you come across many things which you may not have known. When we heard the news of a visit organised to the Khazaen Economic City, last Saturday, it was necessary to seize the opportunity to clear doubts. This is exactly what has happened.

When we reached Khazaen, it was clear that it is the largest economic city in the Sultanate of Oman after the Duqm Economic Zone. It is strategically located at an equal distance of 60 km from three governorates.

Khazaen easily attained rapid growth to become the newest, largest and greatest economic city in the country. Perhaps the signing of 93 agreements to establish projects within four years with an investment value of $522 million, of which $300 million are foreign investments from 11 countries, is the best example of the acceleration of growth in this economic city. It is managed entirely by the private sector of the Sultanate of Oman and is expected to emerge as an ideal model for the economic zones being established by the private sector of the region.

There is no doubt that Khazaen is an integrated economic city which provides life where there is work and fun together. It is close to Muscat Governorate and part of Greater Muscat as per the urban planning.

Just a few years ago, the city was only on paper, as an idea, an aspiration and in planning stage. But it took shape, rose and emerged as a reality in a short time. Now when we see its projects coming up one after the other, we find it heartening. It makes the dream of those behind the idea a reality as well as fulfills the aspirations of investors. The only objective of Khazaen is to develop and grow. While doing so, it never ignored any of the projects which were in the economic city. This is because it is completely integrated.

Perhaps the most prominent national project in the city is Khazaen Central Market for fruits and vegetables. The market is currently being built as part of the Food City. This market is an international platform for trade, import and export of vegetables and fruits and a major hub for distribution and re-export. The market will also help in raising the efficiency of cold storage chains and supply chains, reducing waste in vegetable and fruit products, and opening marketing outlets for Omani farmers and local companies.

The market is one of the most important projects in the national food security strategy and a major destination which attracts foreign and local investments in the area of food, particularly vegetables and fruits.

It is expected that the construction work of the market will be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2024 and is built at a total cost of RO 40 million.

It is noteworthy that the market project is an investment venture of the private sector. This is also in line with the Oman Vision 2040 meant for enabling the private sector to play its development role and help in pushing the wheel of advancement forward.

The Khazaen Land Port is the first land port in Oman and serves as a supply link for goods and commodities coming from various ports of the world to the Khazaen Port for distribution. Therefore, all authorities concerned are present there and contributing to the achievement of the ultimate objective of this economic city. All essential facilities are made available in this exemplary economic city.

It will not be fair if we forget the challenges and competitions such ambitious projects may face anywhere in the world. To be practical and honest, we should always think ahead and have futuristic planning so that the work continues without any obstacles.

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