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The Story of Prophet Ayyub

Stories from the Quran

Almighty God says: { And [mention] Job, when he called to his Lord, “Indeed, adversity has touched me, and you are the Most Merciful of the merciful.” So We responded to him and removed what afflicted him of adversity. And We gave him [back] his family and the like thereof with them as mercy from Us and a reminder for the worshippers [of Allah ]} Surah Al-Anbiya (verses from 83-84)

Prophet Ayyub (Job) was a descendant of Prophet Ibrahim. Ayyub lived in Rome with his wife and children. Ayyub was strong and healthy, had large plots of land, abundant livestock, and a righteous and beautiful family he was also a community leader who was highly respected and loved by his people. Despite his status and wealth, Ayyub was never arrogant; he was always humble, he readily helped the deprived, and constantly thanked and glorified Allah for everything he was blessed with.

As time passed, Prophet Ayyub’s wealth began to diminish—his land, livestock, servants, and money slowly evaded him until he was left with nothing. Then he lost all of his children, and then he got sick.

For years, Ayyub continued to suffer through his condition, with none but his wife by his side to take care of him. They had no money and no income, so his wife took up a job to provide for him. However, the people of the city did not allow her to work for long for they feared that she would afflict them with the same illness as her husband.

Ayyub meanwhile, continued to pray to Allah to give him the strength and patience to endure this pain and suffering.

Ayyub’s wife went to him and wailed, “O Ayyub, you are the prophet and the messenger of Allah. You have the closest relationship with Allah.

Ask Allah to take you out of this harm that you are in!” Ayyub sighed and replied, “Satan must have whispered to you and made you dissatisfied. Tell me how long did I enjoy good health and riches?” His wife responded, “Eighty years or so.”

He replied, “For how long am I suffering like this?” She said, “Seven years.” Ayyub then said, “In that case, I am ashamed to call on my Lord to remove my hardship, for I have not suffered longer than the years of good health and plenty.

It seems your faith has weakened and you are dissatisfied with the fate of Allah. If I ever regain health, I swear I will punish you with a hundred strokes! From this day onward, I forbid myself to eat or drink anything by your hand. Leave me alone and let my Lord do with me as He pleases.” Feeling helpless Ayyub turned to Allah seeking His mercy. “Verily, Satan has touched me with distress (by losing my health) and torment (by losing my wealth)!” he prayed. Allah immediately responded to Ayyub’s desperate call for help. Allah said, “Strike the ground with your foot: This is a spring of water to wash in and cool and a refreshing drink.”

Ayyub immediately performed Allah’s bidding. As he struck the ground with his foot, cold water gushed at his feet. As commanded, Ayyub drank and washed his entire body using the water. Within a short while, Ayyub’s blisters disappeared, his skin renewed completely and his internal organs began functioning. Indeed, Ayyub was completely cured by the grace of Allah! When his wife saw him, she did not recognise him. She asked him, “Where is Ayyub? Who are you? You look very similar to him.” He replied smiling, “It’s me!” Overjoyed, she thanked Allah for His mercy.

Ayyub remembered his promise to punish his wife with a hundred strokes once he regained his health. He did not want to hurt his beloved wife, nor did he want to break his oath to Allah; so Allah, the Most Wise, instructed Ayyub, “Take in your hand a bundle of thin grass and strike therewith your wife, and break not your oath.” Allah then restored Ayyub’s wealth. Ayyub and his wife were also given back their family.

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