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The magical power of belonging

We all have a responsibility to satisfy our human need to belong, and facilitate for others to belong. Toxic vibes are addictive and can be a hard habit to change.

Ten years ago, DEI, a new term, became the cool new kid on the block in every forward thinking work environment. As working environments around the world sought to adopt best practices for a productive organisational culture with positive vibes, and to adopt and internalise what this term really means; a new letter was added to the acronym making it now; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, or DEI&B. Soon enough, every forward thinking from a the largest government agency or major corporation to our neighborhood Dukan or grocery chain business either already has a DEI&B team or is expanding it. However, the question today is why while our collective noble quest for a productive organizational culture do we still witness cases of non-productive organizational culture with toxic vibes?

Meaningful definitions

I truly believe that clear definitions are the first step on the journey and roadmap for a productive working culture with positive vibes. This is because meaningful definitions clarify intentions and let people know if they are on the same page. For example, while diversity has been focused on skin colors and genders it would be more meaningful if it could consider mindset and neurological diversity.

Similarly, equity could be expanded to alleviate the root causes of disfranchising groups based on genders or socio-economic background. Inclusion, one of our human needs that is in urgent need for improvement doesn’t only mean tokenism such as nominating youth or women to roles but also means considering their broad and diverse range of views in a way that contributes towards favorable outcomes to all.

Last but not least, you will only contribute and give your best when you feel you belong. When you assess your current work environment your first question is: Does it satisfy your need to belong? Leaders in that work environments are solely responsible to reasonably maintain organizational positive vibes and keep toxic vibes, if any, in check at all times.

Human nature

Taming our individual ego is such a significant step and lifestyle that every spiritual guidance tell us that it’s the true jihad, or righteous struggle. So, its only human when organisational leaders give in to their egos and stop listening to voices that are not in line with their agenda, even when it contradicts the goals of the organization.


Technology is our favorite hero that is making our lives easier, and our favorite villain because it’s making us skillful in front of screens and keyboards and less skillful in the way we tray people and in sharing face to face positive vibes.

We all have a responsibility to satisfy our human need to belong, and facilitate for others to belong. Toxic vibes are addictive and can be a hard habit to change. Unless we have this three step roadmap that includes meaningful definitions, positive human nature and people skills we are not likely to foster more productive work environments with positive vibes.

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