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Social media Influencers as teachers

Aleeza Hasan@WanderingMumDiaries
Aleeza Hasan@WanderingMumDiaries

What did social media influencers during lockdown? Observer Weekend caught up with a few of the leading lifestyle influencers in the Sultanate


Sharifa al Busaidi@sharifa_the_foodie

Lockdown is ideal for becoming creative in the kitchen and sharing cooking videos and recipes. This blogger did her best to encourage followers to step out of their comfort zones and experiment with something new.

Her posts helped realise the importance of meal planning during lockdown, and ensured that everything was done on time before lockdown began.

Sharifa believes her biggest influence has been on home business owners. She spent time in reviewing and promoting food that has been prepared by them as this was the ideal time to thrive despite the difficult circumstances.

Rosh Khanzada:@rosh_o_rama

She tried to spread awareness about the importance of wearing masks and using disinfectants along with light hearted humour. Rosh created content that relates to regular people which helps lift their spirits to be safe and responsible.

Her posts were about how to travel in and around Oman while maintaining social distancing and having a good time.

The pandemic drastically changed a lot for many. Rosh says this is not the time to brag or be ostentatious, rather a time to spread messages of love and hope.

During lockdown her cooking skills improved thanks to Pinterest which helped her out with some amazing recipes. They also started performing family yoga regularly which helped a lot to maintain sanity in these weird times.

 Saleha Haroon:@thefancyblogger

As a food, fashion and mom blogger she shares the highlights of her everyday life on social media.

Saleha says it was challenging to come up with unique ideas but as an influencer, it is her responsibility to be positive. “We are all in this together and I strongly believe that with patience and hope we will get through this.”

She made a strong connection with her followers who closely relate to her posts. She also has been sharing the current struggles in a very quirky way and adopted an honest approach.

Her main focus has been concentrating on activities to keep the kids busy as well as engage them in household chores.

Her quarantine recipes made many discover their inner chefs. From dressing up for a mini balcony vacation to presenting the current crisis in a positive light, her posts inspired many.

Rachel George:@itsrachelgeorge

Through lockdown ups and downs, Rachel tried to be as open on her platform as she could to show how even she has been taking it day-by-day.

Her followers would inform how her posts were light, airy and a refreshing sight.

She felt an added responsibility to be the kind of influence that promoted empathy, acceptance and gratefulness. She has tried and reiterated how it is acceptable to be not okay but at the same time, give it all to find the hope and strength to carry on.

Aleeza Hasan:@WanderingMumDiaries

The lockdown turned millennials into home chefs or bakers and pursued passions that were dormant.

Aleeza refocused her attention into creating content that centred on positive changes in lifestyle. She believes it is her responsibility to deliver content that is relatable and uplifting, taking the altruistic route to find ways to get through the crisis with constructive suggestions.

She has pivoted to products and services that make sense for the ‘new normal’ of a quieter life at home. People’s desire to engage with content that is authentic has fostered a new relationship with her audience and helped them connect better.

From trending Dalgona coffee and living room workouts she spent much time together with family. Their maiden 1,000 piece puzzle will be framed for posterity as ‘2020 lockdown memories.’


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