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Check your vitals before Ramadhan

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A comprehensive checkup of all vitals just before the holy month is essential for those who suffer from chronic diseases, people on dialysis, and other illnesses that require medical attention on a regular basis.

Ramadhan is the month when our body, mind and soul go for a total transformation and metabolism tends to change from time to time. Hence a complete body checkup is strongly recommended.

The issue came for discussion at a recently held conference on 'HSE at workplace' where Dr Ali al Lawati from OQ urged all those who fast during the month to "Consult a doctor at least a week before the beginning of the holy month or a few days before fasting so that all body vitals can be confirmed under control as our physical systems go for a complete change during the fasting month." This is more applicable to those who work longer hours exposing themselves to the sun as dehydration and fatigue can happen more often as they fast.

A lot of physical and mental preparations well before the beginning of the holy month will help one follow the rituals of the month in full. One needs to get sugar level, blood pressure, creatinine etc checked before getting into the new way of life for a month. It will help prepare the body and mind fully for the month of Ramadhan.

"So, if one is planning to observe Ramadhan fasting, then he should get going with both pre and post-Ramadhan checkup packages as physical and mental preparation can ensure their health during and post-fasting," he adds.

Consult a medical expert before Ramadhan fasting if one is unsure whether the body will be able to take the stress of fasting for one month continuously. The health experts can guide you about the feasibility of your body being able to undergo the stress or not.

The Ministry of Health (MoH), represented by the Department of Non-Communicable Diseases Control Section in collaboration with AstraZeneca has organised a symposium on 'Management of Diabetes in Ramadhan' where the focus was sharpened on the risk stratification of patients with diabetes to assess their ability to fast, and on pre-Ramadhan education to patients.


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