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Oman - A unique structure of social edifice


His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik has given Royal directives to grant social privileges and benefits to certain categories of retired Omanis and other entitled for social protection. The Royal gesture succinctly reflects His Majesty's munificent heart as well as his noble and kind generosity.

Oman's family model is unique in its type, and perhaps without a parallel or equal elsewhere. As per this model, the family is always considered the basic social unit in the society, consisting of parents and their children.

The family is blended into a harmonious whole, forming a congruous unit within the society.

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Traditionally, Omanis descend from remote villages and suburbs where family members dwell under the same roof and usually under one head.

But due to changes and compulsions of employment and work patterns as a result of development Oman has witnessed over the last few decades, Omanis moved to work in locations which are far from their home villages.

Such a change meant that the family can no longer stay under the same roof, nor can the majority of them, in most times, commute and travel back and forth between suburbs and cities on a daily basis. But the inherited and established customary pattern of Oman's family model is preserved, but with an improved way of integration.

Omanis, even if they are in the state of matrimony and have children, they still remain close and strongly attached to their parents. By the end of week, Omanis travel to their home villages, no matter how remote or distant they are to see their elderly parents and visit relatives. The weekend commuting has become a habitual tradition among Omanis, for which they take delight in visiting their elderly parents and providing them with the care and regard.

The passion Omanis have in serving their parents give them great pleasure, extreme satisfaction and a high degree of gratification, even though elderly parents cling to their home villages and refuse to move away from them.

It is a unique tradition which the Omanis still hold on tightly and tenaciously and are persistent in maintaining and adhering to such valued and desired distinguishing inherent quality. Omanis pass such customary patterns to their children from the early stage of life, to ensure that such traditions remain untouched by anything that diminishes them.

That is why Omanis are marked, at all times, by polished manners and respect to their parents who as they grow elderly, their sons and daughters never detach themselves from, a matter that reveals distinctive courteous and respectful behaviour among Omanis.

As His Majesty the Sultan ordered more public welfare benefits in the latest Royal directives, Oman is indeed fortunate to have a merciful and compassionate leader. There is no doubt that the Royal directives are meant to strengthen the structure of the social edifice of Oman, so that Omanis continue to enjoy happiness, well-being and prosperity for the years to come.

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