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‘Nahb’, ‘Awaied’ clinch Al Bashayer Cup


The second day of the sixth edition of the annual Al Bashayer Festival for Arab camel Races was held on

Tuesday at Al Bashayer Camel Racetrack in Adam.

The second day included 20 rounds for the category of Al Laqaya, for a distance of 5 km. The races were divided into two periods, the 15th race in the morning with a cash prize and the five in the evening with cars, cash and other prizes.

‘Nahb’ and ‘Awaied’ won the Al Bashayer Cup and car in the first and second rounds in the evening session.


In the first round, ‘Smha’, owned by Saud al Jabri, claimed the first spot.

The second round was won by ‘Marzaiah’, owned by Jaber al Wahaibi. In the third round, ‘Hamloul’, owned by Sultan al Habsi, won the top spot with the best timing of 7:37.28.

In the fourth round, ‘Hajar’ came on top, owned by Awad al Balushi.

‘Zahor’ was top-ranked in the fifth round, owned by Rakan al Hashemi.

In the sixth round, ‘Saiaf’ claimed the top spot, owned by Hamoud al Wahaibi.

‘Tawa’ won first place in the seventh round, owned by Badar al Nusairi.

In the eighth round, ‘Al Dabi’ was top ranked, owned by Amer al Owaisi.

The ninth and the last round was claimed by ‘Shabran’, owned by Mohammed al Owaisi.

‘Motaibah’ won the 10th round, owned by Awad al Balushi.

In the 11th round, ‘Al Hatherah’ owned by Zaher al Maliki came on top.

In the 12th round, ‘Parrot’ won the prize, owned by Hamdan al Jahafy.

‘Salalah’, owned by Abdullah al Wahaibi, claimed the 13th round. In the 14th round, ‘Ealan’ came on top, owned by Ahmed al Moghiri. ‘Shaheen’, owned by Hamoud al Jahafy came on top in the 15th round.


In the first round ‘Nahb’, owned by Rashid al Ghilani, snatched the Al Bashayer Cup and a car.

‘Awaied’, owned by Ateeq al Qubaisi, claimed the second round honours to take Al Bashayer Cup and a car.

In the third round with a prize of a Al Bashayer rifle and a car, ‘Adham’, owned by Ateeq al Qubaisi, was ranked top with the best timing in the evening race (7:26.48).

In the fourth round with a prize of a car, ’Balshah’, owned by Salem al Ghilani, came first.

‘Samha’, owned by Ateeq al Qubaisi, won the fifth and the last round of the evening races with a prize of a car.

The competitions of the sixth annual Al Bashayer Camel Race Festival will continue on its third day, with 15 rounds for the Al Yathaa category, morning and evening period, for a distance of 6 km.


Morning session

Round Camel Name The owner Time

1 Smha Saud al Jabri 7:44.60

2 Marzaiah Jaber al Wahaibi 7:39.70

3 Hamloul Sultan al Habsi 7:37.28

4 Hajar Awadal Balushi 7:42.96

5 Zahor Rakan al Hashemi 7:47.38

6 Saiaf Hamoud al Wahaibi 7:40.78

7 Tawa Badar al Nusairi 7:37.86

8 Al Dabi Amer al Owaisi 7:44.86

9 Shabran Mohammed al Owaisi 7:42.92

10 Motaibah Awad al Balushi 7:49.82

11 Al Hatherah Zaher al Maliki 7:44.50

12 Parrot Hamdan al Jahafy 7:44.10

13 Salalah Abdullah al Wahaibi 7:47.28

14 Ealan Ahmed al Moghiri 7:46.72

15 Shaheen Hamoud al Jahafy 7:43.66

Evening session

Round Camel Name The owner Time Prize

1 Nahb Rashid al Ghilani 7:31.63 Al Bashayer Cup

and car

2 Awaied Ateeq al Qubaisi 7:29.62 Al Bashayer Cup

and car

3 Adham Ateeq al Qubaisi 7:26.48 Al Bashayer rifle

and Car

4 Balshah Salem al Ghilani 7:29.88 Car

5 Samha Ateeq al Qubaisi 7:36.18 Car

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