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Sail into the Past: Discover maritime heritage at Sur festival

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A museum refreshes memory, knowledge, skills and experiences from generation to generation. Al Rabban Museum, with its collections, is among the most important platforms for returning back to the roots of maritime heritage.

Most corners of the Sur Festival take the visitors to the life of their ancestors.

The Wilayat of Sur is rich in many elements that embody history, especially the marine. Citizens are able to collect the treasures of the state's history and preserve them. A large museum here includes many things called 'Sur Houses', with historical pictorial and nautical contents on display at the Al Rabban Museum.

The Al Rabban Museum at the Maritime Heritage Festival depicts the cultural heritage of contemporary societies and is an essential resource for development and cultural tourism.

Bader bin Said al Sinani, the owner of the Al Rabban Museum, said, "The corner of the Al Rabban Museum in the Maritime Heritage Festival embodies the personality of the skipper and all his marine equipment, as well as the tawash, which is the profession of the original pearl merchant, with all the old pearl tools and a box that was sold in that era, and types of old goldsmiths, as well as the embodiment of the role of the perfumer of ancient perfumes that it was brought at that time and became scarce."

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He added that what distinguishes the museum is its embodiment of life in the past, as the place smells of history and takes you to the atmosphere of the ancestors so that you can live the moment through displaying and explaining many old maps dating back to 1890.

The Rabban Museum is diverse and contains archaeological and rare holdings. It contains perfumes, ancient herbs, old sewing machines, utensils, manuscripts, marine maps, documents, newspapers, old books, magazines, and mock kitchen utensils from the past, in addition to mock costumes and all their contents, such as swords, guns, and others.

The corner presents historical personalities everyday as an educational and cultural means, especially for the current generation, to embody the role of the Omani person in that era, including the part of the skipper, the perfume merchant, the figurehead house and other personalities.

It considers participation like the same of this museum to enhance the community's culture, inculcate the spirit of historical knowledge, preserve maritime history, and stimulate tourism.


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