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Rahia, Balsha and Naseem claim early round honours

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MUSCAT: The second day of the third and last qualifying camel race for the season 2022-2023 continued the competition at the Al Fulaij camel race track in Barka on Wednesday.

The race was organised by Oman Camels Racing Federation (OCRF) with support of the Royal Camels Corps (RCC).

The qualifying race within the annual festival of the 20th private race continued on the second day with 20 rounds, including 13 rounds for ‘Al Lagaya’ category Abkar and Qadan for distance of 4 km, and seven rounds for the ‘Al Yathaa’ category for 5 km.


‘Rahia’ claimed the first round, owned by Mubarak bin Hamad al Jedili.

The first place in the second round was taken by ‘Balsha’ owned by Salem Rashid Ali al Ghilani.

In the third round, ‘Naseem’ owned by Salem bin Ali al Mushaifri won the first place.

In the fourth round ‘Al Asimah’ came on top, owned by Saud bin Ali al Jabri.

‘Zalh’ was top ranked in the fifth round, owned by Ali bin Rashid al Omari.

For the sixth round ‘Al Shakla’ claimed the top spot, owned by Butti bin Nasser al Malki.

‘Shebel’ won the first place in the seventh round, owned by Nayef bin Salim al Jahhafi.

In the eighth round ‘Samha’ was top ranked, owned by Saud bin Ali al Jabri.

‘Shawahin’ claimed the ninth round, owned by Mohammed bin Al Abd al Junaibi.

In the 10th round, ‘Hamlool’, owned by Jamil bin Abdullah al Saeedi, came on top.

‘Hdad’ won the 11th round, owned by Suhail bin Amer al Ghufaili.

In the 12th round, ‘Mishaal’ claimed the top spot, owned by Abdulaziz bin Hamad al Wahibi.

In the 13th round, ‘Mklab’ came on top, owned by Ali bin Mohammed al Wahibi.

Yathaa category

‘Mtaibh’ claimed the 14th round, owned by Hamid bin Mohammed al Jahhafi.

‘Hawajis’ was top ranked in the 15th round, owned by Al Handi bin Salem al Daree.

In the 16th round, ‘Al Dhabi’ came on top, owned by Amer bin Saeed al Wahibi.

The 17th round was claimed by 'Showq', owned by Badr bin Abdullah al Daree.

‘Shaqra’, owned by Hamad bin Salem al Dewaiki, won the 18th round.

‘Mozahim’ came on top in the 19th round, owned by Ahmed bin Nasser al Mushrafi.

The 20th and last round was claimed by ‘Shibal’, owned by Nayef bin Salem al Jahhafi.

The competitions of the third qualifying race conclude on Thursday with nine rounds. Three rounds will be held for ‘Yathaa’ category for 8 km, and one round for ‘Al Zamoul’ for 8 km. In addition, two rounds will be run for ‘Yathaa’ and ‘Al Lagaya’ category for 2km distance.

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