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Ensure safety while using water heaters

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Many lives have been lost from the misuse of water heaters and lack of knowledge of safety requirements.

The water heater is one of the most important devices in use during winter as it used for multiple purposes.

It is not just a device but is a ticking time bomb that may kill you or your family members.

The electric heater is one among the several types of heaters in use along with gas heaters and solar heaters.

One of the most important risks caused by electric heaters is explosion or electric seam, both of which are serious causes leading to accidents and certain death.

Electrical short circuit occur due to improper installation when connecting electricity to heater, such as sticking electrical wires to each other or lack of care when connecting them to the device.

Neglecting them can cause electric seams, which may result in electric shock which often leads to death.

Explosions of water heaters are usually due to the interruption of water from the heater. This occurs due to evaporation of water from the heater or the lack of water reaching it with the continuation of the temperature rising until it reaches the boiling point and evaporation. This leads to pressure inside the tank and the explosion occurs due to thermostat damage.

Fatal death due to gas heaters occur when the carbon dioxide gas present causes casualties in the winter season.

There must be a source of ventilation in the case of hot water showers in order to reduce cases of fainting or poisoning by water vapour and carbon monoxide gas resulting from the combustion of natural gas in the heater.

Accidents due to suffocation are due to carbon monoxide poisoning in which the injured fails to notice anything. They do not have the opportunity to seek help. If you suspect that someone is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, immediately move them to a well-ventilated place and call an ambulance.

Water heaters pose a great danger if they are misused due to ignorance or negligence, or when any defect occurs to them.

Heaters are frequently used with the advent of winter season, and their use may be prolonged for consecutive hours.

An awareness about the seriousness of its safety need to be created and it should be securely installed and used properly.


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