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Khor Sham – where dolphins swim.

Khor Sham is a unique natural destination that attracts tourists in Wilayat Khasab in Musandam Government. It stretches for almost 20 km containing many villages. Traditional vessels crossing the sea are the means of transportation. The famous “Telegraph Island” is located in this creek. The reason behind its name is the first telegraph cable line (extended in the sea) in the Middle East connecting Basra in Iraq and Mumbai in India in 1860.

On this small island, tourists can see the relief of land, geological formations, and topography of the site. In addition, they can enjoy watching dolphins as they follow the tourist ships and boats, which represents an experience that should not be missed during a visit to the Governorate of Musandam, according to the website of the Omani Ministry of Tourism.

An Omani photographer, Muhammad Al Malki, using a drone camera, succeeded in documenting charming serine scenes that reflect the unique location of this island and creek with their extraordinary nature, historical importance, and unique environment.

The importance of this island is that it is considered as the site where the first line of modern communication in the Gulf was extended between India and Iraq. It is a transmission station, which indicates the importance of its geographical location, which is also located close to The Strait of Hormuz, which is one of the most important sea passages in the world, and the gateway for oil passage from the Gulf to the world.

The "Telegraph Island" is unique in its picturesque nature and distinct terrain, as well as the frequent visits of tourists from all over the world, as traditional boats stand on its banks, which constitutes a painting in harmony with the island.

Regarding trip planning, Muhammad says, “I was on a roaming mission to go this time to Musandam so that I would see the places I had not seen before, starting from the wilayat of Dibba to the wilayat of Khasab and Bukha, and my idea was to take sea tours to some places, including Khor Sham and Kumzar. I was lucky on this trip that the weather was beautiful and cloudy. Of course, the plan was that on the first day after arriving in Khasab, I would take a boat, starting with Khor Sham.”

He continued saying “We agreed with the owner of the boat to take us on a tour Khor Sham before sunrise so we can watch its strong and beautiful colors, especially in winter. The distance from the port to the creek took about 30 minutes or less.”

He adds expressing his feelings seeing the magical places over there “In fact, it was a strange feeling when you look at the sea with small mountains behind it, and then large mountains with clouds over them, and at sunrise and birds flying between the two sides, it is difficult to describe the scene and say that the scene is in our beloved country, Oman.”

In Khor Sham, you can rent a large boat and you can camp in the boat for the night in that place. Moreover, the creek’s water is characterized by purity, as well as the presence of dolphins in it which gives the tourist the experience s/he wished for.

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