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Its time for Muscat Nights and wintry nights

For the first time Esports are going to be a major feature of Muscat Nights this year and the youth of the nation are enthralled

It is time to celebrate Muscat festival and the winter weather. The days of the Festival will now be ‘Muscat Nights’ and the beauty is that it starts this week and is being organised by Muscat Municipality.

The memories of Muscat Festival are plenty - as a broadcaster going live from the various festival locations and as a visitor with family and friends and about the people who are visitors and exhibitors and vendors, and not to forget traffic and parking.

The good thing about the festival was that it was not just meant to be for one particular age group.

I have personally, enjoyed the cultural shows, international features and exhibitions concerning the festival.

The lockdowns for health reasons have made us forget how wild we used to be rushing to the venues and no matter how long the line was, we took the time to enjoy the various aspects of the festival. And now they have become memories.

Enjoyed scanning the exhibition stalls every time there was a break on air during the show. It was always lovely to see people from different parts of the world bring their products.

Traditional crafts were another attraction from art to jewellery to sculpture to beads. We did not have had to visit the respective countries to learn about them, we learnt it right here as we watched the crafts people from various countries.

Most importantly shopping was satisfying.

This is 2023 and here we are going to see the Muscat Nights. It is the first year but it is already gathering up excitement.

Most importantly the youth are enthralled at the fact that for the first time Esports are going to be a major feature of Muscat Nights.

Today Esports has also become a spectators’ delight as the online gaming has viewers who may not be playing but adore to watch it. The trend of online games has been growing in Oman. Esports is another culture all together and if you are not into it yet the Muscat Nights will introduce you to the trend.

The Esports organised by 968Gamez will be held at Oman Automobile Association.

Qurum Natural Park is making a comeback as a venue for the activities for Muscat Nights this year. And that reminds us about the early years of Muscat Festival and particularly the year where we had stalls in the Qurum commercial areas. We could just walk around the streets.

Now that is the key element - walk. There will be a plenty of opportunity to walk and enjoy the weather this year too at Muscat Nights.

We can expect to see unique ideas as there would be participation of SMEs and startups. One can stay updated and book tickets through the smart phone app.

One can also follow the Muscat Nights on Twitter and Instagram @muscatnightsom throughout the 17 days till February 4.

Qurum Natural Park’s major attraction used to be the traditional village, the sights and sounds of the past. It would be intriguing to see what the park will offer for Muscat Nights 2023.

According to the Chairman of Muscat Municipality, Ahmed bin Mohammed al Humaidi, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) will have international flavours.

Naseem Park will once again be a venue featuring attractions of Muscat Nights. He explained that Muscat Nights is the beginning of various events planned throughout the year during different seasons.

After a gap of two years, it is time to be outdoors with family and friends to create memories while enjoying the beautiful winter weather right here in Oman.

And not to forget the hashtag #MuscatNightsOm while sharing one’s moment from the nights starting from January 19 to February 4.

So, for the next few days Muscat Nights will be an addition to our social lives.

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