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A promising day on the throne


Over the past three years, the day, January 11, brought simultaneously mixed feelings of deep sadness and happiness. Though all Omanis were mourning the death of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who passed away just a day before, it marked the day of ascending to the throne the new Sultan.

His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik was announced as the new Sultan of Oman after the passing away of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

Leaving all on a complete sorrow was of course maddening, but ascending to throne HM Sultan Haitham bin Tarik was a rewarding relief to the whole nation indeed.

The quick announcement of a successor to the late Sultan Qaboos was a kind of reassurance to confirm the smooth transformation of leadership in the Sultanate of Oman.

The speed and manner in which a successor was named projected the unique sense of unity, continuity and stability of the nation.

Thanks to the visionary late Sultan and the Royal Family for road mapping the future of Oman in such an honest and clever way.

Announcing the successor, His Majesty Haitham bin Tarik, was based on the late Sultan’s recommendation; a very critical decision that comforted people, released their stress and eased their grief.

They believed in the new Sultan as a great successor and he would carry on Oman’s Blessed Renaissance.

All had impatiently looked forward to the moment to see the new Sultan ascending to throne and deliver his first speech.

Everyone’s aspirations and anticipations were extremely high and undoubtedly optimistic.

In his first speech, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik addressed the Council of Oman. It was a heartening and promising.

His Majesty’s speech was honest and as well as a compassionate reassurance to the people of Oman.

“Dear people of Oman, words fall short of articulating a eulogy for a Sultan as great as him (Qaboos bin Said), or describe his good deeds and accomplishments”, His Majesty stated.

What was thrilling was His Majesty’s promise to continue the path of his successor stating, “Our only relief, the best with which we can eternalise his achievements, is to pursue his rightful legacy and derive impetus for the brilliant steps that he treaded in full confidence and determination, to preserve the gains that he made and to build upon them.”

He further said, “This is what we are resolved to execute, God willing.

We shall march forward on this road so that Oman could attain and maintain its prominent place in which (His Majesty Sultan Qaboos) wished to position it and for which he stayed on vigils to realise that goal, and, alas, he was granted success in his endeavours’’.

His Majesty called the people to join hands to continue the march and shoulder the responsibility.

“People of Oman, the trust thrust on our shoulders and the resultant immense responsibilities require us all to work together for the sake of our country’s magnificence, with a persistent resolve to promote it to the loftiest levels.

This cannot be realised without your support and cooperation and combination of all efforts to achieve the desired supreme national goal.

Your contribution to enrich all efforts of progress, development and prosperity will be highly appreciated”.

This reflects the great personal confidence of His Majesty on his people and urging them to stand all together to sustain the country’s worldwide standing and nation-building march.

If truth be told, at such a memorable moment, history repeated itself when the same shoulder-the responsibility-call was addressed by the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Both Sultans are stressing, building the nation is a responsibility of all.

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