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Special e-service for entrepreneurs and SME owners launched

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A special service for entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs was launched by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority.

The Authority will receive suggestions, observations and ensure a clear methodology in dealing with requests from the beneficiaries.

The service is an electronic system that organises and documents the process of receiving, managing and following up various requests.

These also include inquiries, observations, suggestions, complaints and opinions, which contribute to the implementation of effective governance and the continuous improvement of the services provided by the Authority.

Ahmed bin Humaid al Asimi, Director, Customer Services Department, said “The service requests and proposals stems from the commitment of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority to provide the best services to the beneficiaries of entrepreneurs and SME owners and its endeavour to develop its performance in a way that achieves the satisfaction of the beneficiaries. The opinions and observations will be a reference that the Authority takes into account and contribute to improving its performance and quality.”

The platform allows the beneficiary to specify the classification, whether it is an inquiry, observation, proposal or opinion related to one of the services provided by the authority, so that the concerned administrative division in the authority plays its role in diagnosing and reviewing the application and communicating with the applicant within a period based on the classification of the application.

The beneficiary can access this service through the website of the Authority through the services tab, or through the online portal for entrepreneurs’ services.

A special page also launched to provide the Commercial Franchise Service, with the aim of spreading and strengthening the culture of commercial franchise in the Sultanate of Oman and encouraging distinguished Omani brands to expand and spread worldwide.

It is also expected to enhance the contribution of the Omani Commercial Franchise to the growth, diversification and empowerment of local economy.

Commercial Franchise is an agreement in which a project or an existing trademark grants a licence to a second party to operate and conduct commercial activity using the same first brand name, whether using the same name, manufacturing system, distribution, production, sales, or all of these elements.

This is done in exchange for the main trademark and obtains a percentage of the profits and revenues or a certain value provided in return for granting the franchise, or both.

It is worth noting that the authority launched, at the end of 2022, about seven electronic services that serve the owners of SMEs in Oman, and are represented in the economic feasibility study, entrepreneurship card, the mentoring programme, marketing and promotion, the training programme, general and specialised consulting programme, and usufruct lands.

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