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A day of joy and pride to Omanis

Oman is fortunate to have an energetic, powerful and a vigorous leader with foresight and good judgment

Today, the Sultanate of Oman honours a dear-to-all occasion which marks His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik holding the power of the country.

Omanis have the power and, at the same time, privilege to which they are justly entitled to celebrate and show merited respect to this occasion, whose worth brings a state of great gratification and glory to their country.

His Majesty the Sultan rules the country with wisdom and sagaciousness. Characterised by keen and farsighted judgement, Oman has been able to handle different matters with dexterity and resourcefulness.

The Sultanate's approach, under the wise leadership of His Majesty the Sultan, has been marked by astuteness, clever discerning and hardheaded keenness and depth of perception, especially in matters dealing with economic affairs, a fact that no one refuses to admit or acknowledge.

Oman is fortunate to have an energetic, powerful and a vigorous leader with foresight and good judgment. as His Majesty the Sultan has made tremendous transformations notable by reason of extreme size, power, greatness and excellence.

Younger Omanis are currently enraptured with joy and filled with delight to have personal and direct cognizance of the outgrowth of the development and conspicuous changes, which are so obvious to the eye and mind of citizens, residents and visitors of the Sultanate.

As the Irish playwright, critic and political activist, George Bernard Shaw, says, "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

As a person of vision with commanding authority and influence, it is beyond doubt that His Majesty the Sultan leads the Sultanate with unusual discernment and foresight. The entire world devotes its attention to the changes in the Sultanate befitting its status locally, regionally and internationally.

The Sultanate of Oman with its well-established record is a long-standing country, dating from the remote past. Omanis have proven, at all times, that their courteous behaviour is marked by polished manners and respect for others.

The blessing is stemmed from the brief remarks of Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him, made when he said that Omanis never use profane or obscene language if you ever visit their country.

The Sultanate, under a leadership marked by sound judgment and prudence, has put forth, and shall continue without interruption to bear an exalting influence on the region and the world as a whole.

As Omanis enjoy and take pleasure and satisfaction in the renewed renaissance, they pledge allegiance to their country with devotion and loyalty to their great leader, His Majesty the Sultan.

Omanis have always taken a solemn promise of faithfulness to their leadership and shall continue to do so, affirming inviolability of this self-binding promise.

Dr Musallam Al Maani

The writer is Dean, Al Zahra College for Women

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