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Have you joined Be’ah plastic bottle recycling campaign?


Muscat: An environmental campaign organized and supervised by Be’ah Company included with the launch of machines for collecting empty plastic water bottles in various locations in Muscat.

The campaign aims to spread environmental awareness and direct people of all ages to the importance of plastic recycling, encourage a culture of recycling and promote sustainable behaviors in local communities.

about the machine

The recycling machines are dedicated to the collection of empty plastic water bottles.

As part of the project, Be'ah plans will distribute 50 machines for collecting empty plastic water bottles in two stages, 18 machines in each stage, in different locations in Muscat.

To encourage users to return bottles, participants of the campaign will be offered reward points.

The aim of the campaign is to provide clean PET waste to local recyclers, increase the value of materials and maintain their distinctive properties, reduce imports of PET waste, support the local economy, offer environmentally friendly solutions, reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill and reducing the dumping of plastic waste in nature.

Users are required to go to the nearest machine to collect empty plastic water bottles, insert a clean, empty bottle, one at a time,

make sure the bottle is inserted from the base side (cap pointing outside) and choose the reward.

Users should enter their phone numbers and fill out the questionnaire to join the monthly draw.

It may be noted that only 500ml water bottles (the machine does not accept juice and soft drinks bottles), empty and clean, and uncompressed ones will be accepted.

Rewards from Omantel include that every bottle returned turns into points after you enter the phone number.

Omanoil offers RO 10 balance in the Basma fuel card for 3 winners every month and a free cup of coffee for three winners every month at Amazon Cafe.

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