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Intl technical meetup calls for FinTech awareness

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Muscat: An international technical meetup attended by national and international experts from the IT sector threw light on the importance of financial technologies (FinTech) and real time projects calling the new businesses, including the startups, to have an understanding for the ecosystem of the technology.

The participants in the event were drawn from 20 different organisations, including some national and International universities.

The IT Department of College of Computing and Information Sciences, affiliated to University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Ibri (UTAS-Ibri) in association with the ACM Student Chapter conducted the event in an online mode, as an interactive session on the real ecosystem of software firms. The event witnessed large participation of 373 students, teachers, and industrial experts, mainly those, which have Fintech in practice or need to have an exposure to Fintech.

Lubna Humaid Rashid al Shabanoti, the student host presented the theme and objectives of the event. In her introduction, she stated, “In everyone’s life, there should be a turning point to achieve success. We students are looking for a turning point, motivation and technical awareness. ‘FinTech and Startup’ technical meetup is going to motivate us and hope to inspire us for a successful career in financial technologies and startups.”

The sessions provided technical insights on financial technologies (Fintech) to provide motivation on ‘IT startups and entrepreneurship; to build partnerships with industrial experts and alumni of UTAS’ and also to associate with international professional body ACM - Association of Computing Machinery”.

The ultimate motivation of this event is Oman Vision 2040, said the event organisers.

Dr Wilfred Blessing NR, coordinator of the event and lecturer of IT department, said, the meetup inspired the students and participating community members to learn and innovate about FinTech projects. “This technical meetup helped the students to innovate new ideas through their projects that would be beneficial for financial organisations and groups.”

Issa Juma Musabah al Yahyaai, a student, introduced the guest speakers. He spoke about the achievements and FinTech project experiences of the guest speakers -- Anood Mohammed al Maqrashi (Analyst Programmer, Bank Dhofar, Muscat), Anie Malar (Senior Product Analyst, Juspay Technologies, India) and Arun Rajeev (Founder and CEO, FinOS, UAE).

Anwar Humaid Hamed al Shamali, the student chair, thanked all the participants. The event was organized under the chairmanship of Dr Amal Bati Said al Abri, Head of IT Department and officer of ‘UTAS-Ibri ACM student chapter’.

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