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SQU conducts first trial run of 'Green Bus'


Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) has conducted a first trial run of a public transport bus (Green Bus), powered by diesel combined with biofuel produced in the laboratories of Sultan Qaboos University and extracted from date palm kernels.

The inauguration of the event was sponsored by His Highness Dr. Fahd bin Al-Julanda bin Majid al Said, Vice Chancellor. of the University.

The return journey was between the Sultan Qaboos University Cultural Center in Al Khoudh and Al Alam Palace, via Sultan Qaboos Street.

The scientific research project led by Sultan Qaboos University is under the supervision of a scientific team that includes Dr. Lamia bint Adnan al-Hajj, associate professor in the College of Science, and Professor Dr. Alaa Hamid Al-Muhtasib, Deputy Director of the Sustainable Energy Research Center at the university.

The project aims to produce biodiesel extracted from date kernel oil using a recyclable chemical catalyst, thus reducing production costs apart from being commercially competitive.

The research team obtained funding from PDO to work on the second phase to produce the first 100 liters of biodiesel, in addition to conducting additional experiments to produce by-products such as glycerol, which is used in many industries, and Solketal, which is used as a catalyst for fuel and jet fuel and other by-products to raise the economic value of the project.

Several institutions specialized in laboratory tests and analyses contributed to confirming the quality of the product and its compliance with international standards, including AGREKKO Oman and METS Oman.

The research team at Sultan Qaboos University signed a cooperation agreement with Mwasalat, which includes the start of testing the first sample on one of its buses to ensure the quality of biodiesel and its suitability to the technical specifications of the bus engine from the use of biodiesel (B20).

This project will contribute to achieving zero carbon neutrality, and finding renewable and sustainable sources that support creating opportunities for economic growth.

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