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Tejarah Talks: Telling untold stories




With its informed and insightful panels, Tejarah Talks 2022 has enjoyed considerable success attracting large and enthusiastic audiences with online participants joining from around the world. We sat down with Maymuna al Adawi, organizer of this Oman Business Forum initiative to learn more.

Q: What is Tejarah Talks?

A: Tejarah Talks is organized by Oman Business Forum in association with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion and generously supported by SOHAR Port & Freezone, HSBC, Omantel and Oman FM. It’s a series of informal, interactive evening discussions that brings together some of Oman’s most inspirational and innovative thinkers and doers to share their stories with a warm and enthusiastic crowd. It’s a platform for positive interaction.

Q: What’s Tejarah Talks looking to achieve?

A: With a firm focus on the future, Tejarah Talks looks to draw in the community to explore and understand the issues shaping Oman’s business and investment landscape. We’re motivated by the belief that everyone needs to be part of the conversation about the future if they’re to get the most from it. In simple terms, it’s an initiative designed to inspire, educate and hopefully entertain.

Q: For the uninitiated what does a typical Tejarah Talks evening look like?

A: It’s an in-depth conversation with four panellists and a moderator that lasts about 100 minutes. Thankfully, there are no presentations, it’s all discussion led. And we wrap-up each session with some great food and networking.

Q: What did the 2022 season cover and what’s been the response?

A: We ran seven sessions this year covering topics ranging from sustainability and corporate culture to the creative industries and why manufacturing matters. Twenty-eight expert panellists and nearly a thousand highly curious attendees. We couldn’t be more pleased with how well Tejarah Talks has been received. It’s been an incredible 12 months.

Q: Who’s your audience?

A: There are so many different types of people who attend. They come from all walks of life, we get everyone from CEOs to teachers. It’s an eclectic bunch with an eclectic mix of panellists.

Q: Who are the panellists?

A: They’re a carefully curated group of gifted innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs, real doers who ask bold ‘out there’ questions that help broaden horizons to imagine better alternatives. Let’s just say they’re challengers of thought and provokers of debate.

Q: You’ve published a set of Tejarah Talks reports?

A: We have. Very simply, they’re designed to help make the ideas discussed at Tejarah Talks more accessible to a larger audience here at home and internationally.

Q: You’ve also branched out into podcasts?

A: That’s right. Tejarah Talks podcasts are casual but engaging conversations featuring business leaders and influencers. We like to think of them as practical but inspirational. If most podcasts enter via the front door, we’re perfectly happy using the side entrance. It’s a space where we explore big, bold and optimistic business ideas shaping Oman.

Q: What does Tejarah Talks have lined-up for next year?

A: We look forward to 2023 with optimism, positivity and renewed vigour. With sessions on Oman’s journey to net zero; M-commerce; Web 3.0; the relationship between cities and business; and nurturing and cultivating second stage companies we’ll be tackling issues that are at the heart of Oman Vision 2040 and of critical importance to our business community. What we’ll do however is approach them in a considered and thoughtful manner. Going forward, we’re excited about inviting our audience to join us on a positive journey of discovery.

Q: How do you see Tejarah Talks going forward?

A: If we do interesting things that are important to us, then maybe they’ll be interesting and important to others. By being smart with the themes we select, Tejarah Talks can only grow in popularity and influence.

Q: How would you sum up Tejarah Talks in three words?

A: Thoughtful, optimistic, crafted.

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