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Forum discusses opportunities and challenges in health sector

Health services constitute one of the most important goals of the Investment Lab in the Health Sector that involves areas like diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitation services provided by the public and private health institutions.

Several public health authorities, sectors, and institutional investors aspire to invest in the health services sector.

The idea behind the Investment Lab in the Health Sector is to solve difficulties and challenges, and facilitate investment procedures.

The idea is to draw strategic direction of investment in health projects such as therapeutic, diagnostic, rehabilitation, and supportive services. It further addresses the comprehensive enablers for achieving fundamental projects as activating the Health Institutions Accreditation System and streamlining procedures for investors.

The health promotion strategy aims at finding investment opportunities for promoting health and boosting the sector contribution in the gross domestic product (GDP). The concept is aligned with Oman Vision 2040 in the two priorities; health and economic diversification.

The importance of health promotion lies in attracting investment opportunities that enable individuals to have products and services to lead healthy lifestyles thus reducing risk and morbidity factors and lowering dependence on health institutions for treatment. Consequently, this reduces burden on the health system and enables it to concentrate on chronic illnesses and improving the quality of health services.

It seeks to integrate the concept of health promotion into the strategic directions of all sectors concerned with health ( governmental, private and societal) within the framework of sustainable development 2030, along with creating an environment that enables individuals to enjoy good health through social, legislative and technical measures, and improving the social determinants of health, as well enabling the participation of society, civil society institutions and the private sector, and raising the volume of investments in the health promotion sector.

The investment in the health sector lab, organised by the Ministry of Health (MoH), with the support of Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit and Oman National Investment Programme (Nazdaher), commenced on December 4 and will continue until December 29 at the Sheraton Hotel.

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