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'Oman' daily helped create community awareness, develop a national spirit


Muscat: The Ministry of Information, represented by Oman daily newspaper, celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first publication.

Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al Harassi, Minister of Information, presided over the ceremony, in the presence of elite journalists, intellectuals, and founders of the newspaper, at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center (OCEC).

Speaking about the event, the minister pointed out that newspapers usually mark their anniversaries to review what they have accomplished over the past years rather than celebrating the years that they have cut from their march.

“True celebration of journalism, its progress and successes should be associated with a remarkable progress in all elements of professionalism”, he commented.

He said the newspaper’s broadsheets reflect the march of Oman, the nation, the state, society, and man over half a century.

Spotting light on the importance of this event, the minister said they are celebrating Oman and the newspaper at the same time.

“Celebrating the country stems from all that has been achieved during the past decades and making this land a witness to progress and prosperity while celebrating the newspaper comes from the idea it was able, with high professionalism, to monitor all that profound change and make it available in its daily details to all generations”, the minister stressed.

Explaining further about the role of the newspaper, the minister pointed out that over the past five decades, the Oman Daily was not limited to monitoring achievements and presenting them to the community. Rather, it helped create community awareness, and build the national spirit that was essential at the beginning of the modern renaissance process.

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