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Ancient ruins and quaint charm of Al Nazooh draws visitors

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Al Nazooh sits on the parallel road to Wadi Bani Henai on a mountainous plateau.

This village consists of towers and houses built like those old Omani neighbourhoods.

Despite the privileged location of this village, all its houses are deserted and only tourists and enthusiasts of the Omani architectural style frequent it. Most of the towers and houses suffer from erosion and collapse but still stand tall thanks to strong building materials with which they were built hundreds of years ago.

Visitors who wander among its alleys can marvel at the architectural design, which is in line with the nature of the terrain on which the towers and houses of the village were constructed. Another highlight is the network of water channels set up for supplying drinking water and irrigation.

One can enjoy the panoramic view of the houses built of mud and stones, against the green background of date palms, mangoes, lemons and other trees.

This village is also surrounded by archaeological sites dating back more than 3,000 years. On the western bank of this village there are remains of some ancient walls and tombs, and all of these relics are physical evidence indicating the presence of human settlements during successive historical eras.

The residents of this village are still practicing traditional occupations inherited from their ancestors such as farming, herding and beekeeping.

“We prepare different types of vegetable oils. Some of these oils are used in meals while others are used to treat stomach pain, skin allergies, headaches and neurological diseases,” villagers said.

This village is highly accessible as its proximity to the main street that connects the public prosecution office of Wadi Al Hooqain with Wadi Bani Henai) saves visitors’ time.

“Visiting this village is not much of a bother. One can see historical remains here. But visitors must not tamper with the archaeological sites as they bear witness for future generations,” locals said.

On the western hills of Al Nazooh, there are signboards asking tourists to preserve the historical and archaeological heritage that surrounds this village. Some are of the opinion that these are not enough and call for restoration of ruined premises. Sites that contain ancient tombs and rare rock inscriptions must be fenced.

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