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Curtains down, but aspirations go up


Events and festivities go beyond just living the moments of celebration; rather they occur to break the boredom and static rhythm of life. Celebrations, overall, bring peace and joy to individuals and communities. Thus, nations worldwide have different special religious, cultural and social events and festivals. Regardless of its scale, any event or festivity serves a certain purpose of course.

Therefore, an entertainment event, for instance, means a stage performance, amusement, show, or a similar activity including, but not limited to, a theatrical or musical performance, concert, film, game, ride or sporting action. In fact, memorable events and festivities of any kind will always provide full engagement. They make people forget their cultural, religious, social and personal differences. Instead, they unite them for the only purpose of celebration, enjoyment and entertainment.

That is why great events stand as insightfully entertaining books that people cannot put aside; rather they keep reading such books over and over. Making an environment that will invite guests and visitors of different interests to interestingly live the event experience is what actually separates good events from great and unforgettable ones. They fill people’s life with colours and enthusiasm. They bring them closer, disregard any feelings of communal hatred and strengthen their social bonds.

Generally, events and festivals are very important thing that people anticipate to have all year-round. They spark joy and give people something to look forward to. They provoke their passion, ambitions and aspirations to have more and achieve more! Case in a point is the recently held youth-centred 'Amad Duqm 22' event. The 9-day event was a distinguished and out of the box event that attracted thousands of youth since the planning, execution to management phases of the inspiring event.

This an abnormal event served as a lab for experimenting youth thoughts, ideas, researches, projects and tryouts in different fields. Technology, artificial intelligence, astronomy, arts, music and sports are just to name a few areas of the presented daily activities and performances. 'Amad Duqm 22' marked a platform on which the participating youth could work on their ideas and projects and showcase them over the past nine days. Such platform offered a real opportunity for youth to get supported, motivated and incubated.

Further, 'Amad Duqm 22' made the dreams of the participating youth come true. A range of unique projects and creative ideas that had been sketched on paper were executed on ground of 'Amad Duqm 22' Village. Various Omani talents were also on display as part of the cultural and other activities. Among these activities were youth talks, theoretical performances, arts and music shows, concerts, video games, food trucks creative dining options and many others.

Thanks to the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth for organising this innovative event in Duqm. Bringing such an event of mixed activities and festivities attracted not only youth, but families and individuals too.

'Amad Duqm 22' festivity let its visitors’ imagination and thrill run wild as the event took them on a journey through time and space. In fact, the event took visitors into a world of innovative charm, floating globe where moon demonstration and astronomy sessions were present, dim lights, hilarious times and many other memorable moments of fun and insight.

On the other hand, the event never ignored mirroring the traditional lifestyle of Duqm via the participation of Omani genuine folklore performed by locals. Locally made handicrafts were also exhibited by the local women at the heritage village. What a wonderful experience that visitors could get first-hand, reflecting lifestyle, innovation and youth creativity. It was said that greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals. Hence, events are significant and must be celebrated with passion.

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