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Experience the future first-hand in Duqm

Thinking about the future is a concern for all, nations, organisations, societies and individuals alike. None of them is ignoring the future, but striving not to miss it and its surprises. Having this in mind, one should ask what exactly is the future? In fact, it remains a mystery for the future is unpredictable and often unknowable. The future could mark a simple envision from the present. Many efforts worldwide have been made to anticipate, visualise and elaborate the future in a way or another.

This includes examining the methods used to model and imagine the future world in philosophy, literature, art, film, TV and computer games, to name a few. These platforms differently show that the future is mostly associated with different interests and aspirations, especially those of future generations. Youth, in particular, could visualise the future in various forms of their dreams, which they believe to come true someday. To many, the future is always labelled as the would-be better tomorrow.

Talking about the future might take in the things that could be unclearly beyond imagination. This could reflect vague anticipations, furious activities or abnormal ideas; all inspired by innovation and creativity! Generally, the future signifies different aspects to people based on their imaginations, aspirations and dreams perhaps. Events, as well, could showcase the future to some extent via different thought-provoking and creative-themed activities that reflect the digital world.

Likewise, such events highlight culture, sports, community, commerce, innovation and most importantly youth talents and potentials. Events, especially sports and cultural ones, are playing a significant role to secure many elements that a nation and society requires for its development. They remarkably serve empowering youth, attracting tourists and promoting national treasures and landmarks. It is attributed that events are assisting the improvement of the quality of lifestyle, offering economic and social benefits, creating new business networks and opportunities and supporting other public needs.

In this regard, if one is looking currently for an event that is innovative, visually striking and which truly pushes the boundaries, then look no further than the futuristic-themed Amad Duqm 22 Event. The 9-day event kicked off, last Friday, at the Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD) and lasts until December 3. Such an event in the Sultanate of Oman is brought as a partnership between the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth.

The event’s message “From youth to youth” indicates that all activities have been proposed, designed and delivered by Omani youth and attracting youth. Amad Duqm 22 marks a small laboratory of youth aspirations for the future of Oman. Thus, the package of diverse activities is brought to youth and inspired by youth aspirations for the future. Simply designed and attractively conducted at Amad Duqm 22 Village, the activities seek simultaneously amusing and inspiring the youth and visitors, overall, to think of the future.

As Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Amad Duqm 22 event is paving the future for youth. It presents their future thoughts and aspiration and experiencing them first-hand in Duqm via the range of interesting gaming, new technology activities in Duqm, the city of the future. Drone racing, drag race, astronomy camp, scooter arena, video games, stand up comedy and theatrical shows, music concerts are just to name a few of many other activities awaiting to be experienced and enjoyed.

If you need a lift to the future, all you need is just a visit to Amad Duqm 22 to experience the future first-hand. Rather, you get inspired with the different thoughts and ideas, which Omani youth of different ages brought up there. Reflecting their aspirations and anticipations of the future, they built up a village presenting exemplary concepts as well as entertaining and thought-provoking activities. Come to Amad Duqm 22 and discover Duqm.

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