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Desert adventures to try this winter

Winter in Oman also signals desert adventures and if there’s something that people in Oman have gotten good at, it’s actually making the best out of the desert experience.

Usually unforgiving in the summer, the desert becomes an ideal destination for different activities during the colder season. Here are a few things you can try out in the desert this year.


Sandboarding and

dunes bashing

You don’t need a fancy gadget for this one. You just need a board that can be secured to your feet, a good dune wall and the pull of gravity off you. It’s an exhilarating adventure that gives you a different thrill. There’s nothing like speeding down a tall dune incline relying heavily on the kindness of the sand to help you get down safely. If you want to opt for a breathtaking thrill, you can always go dune-bashing. Just make sure that you have a reliable four-wheel drive because trust us, it’s tiring to climb down or up on a dune.


Camel rides and ATVs

The Bedouins of Oman have always had a good relationship with camels aka the ships of the deserts. They are a trusty companion that can handle not just the heat but also the challenges of the shifting sands. Many of the desert camps, luxury or not, are now offering camel rides so it’s easy to book one by simply going to a resort and booking a 30-minute or an hour’s worth camel ride.

If the camels are too slow for you, then ATVs or buggies can be a good alternative allowing you more freedom and convenience to climb the inclines of the desert.


Pool lounging

in the desert

If you’d been in Rimal Al Sharqiyah, you would have gotten to know by now that several of the camps now offer pool access. Some of them already come with specific tents while others are shared pools. If you want to enjoy a bit of swimming and a touch of sophistication to your desert stay, then booking rooms with pool access is a great thing to experience.

If you can’t afford a pool villa, a great alternative is going to places like Ras Al Rowais, Al Ashkharah or Khaluf where the sand ends right at a beach or the sea.


Animal sanctuaries

and sunset watching

Camps in Oman have fully utilized the best things that the desert can offer. Some camps allow you a view of the beautiful night sky while inside your dome rooms while others own animal sanctuaries like oryx within the property itself. This is a good way of interacting and learning about nature, animals and their habitat as well as what animals thrive in the desert.


Not to be missed during the winter months are the gorgeous sunsets. Climbing the highest dune and waiting for the sun to set — now there’s nothing more romantic than that.

Visiting a Bedu’s home

Till today, the Bedus of Oman remain to be a mystery to a lot of people and rightfully so as they are often very private about their affairs. There are times though that the Bedus are very welcoming and allow you access to their temporary homes. From checking out hand-weave mats and clothes to a dizzying array of mementoes and decors which is museum-like almost, a visit to a Bedu’s home is an experience unlike any other.


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