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What we can learn from the Dutch

Buthaina Al Riyami

Learning about other cultures allows individuals to not only appreciate their own, but also be proud of the differences that make our communities unique.

As part of its culture week, the English and Translation Society (ETS) of Sultan Qaboos University is putting the spotlight on Dutch Culture recognising that the society’s unique contribution to the world is not only the beauty of its tourist destinations, but also the practices of their people.

Formally inaugurated on November 21 and running until November 24, the three-day event features an exhibition, a companion event, and a tutoring workshop that target school students from all grades, college students, and all people who are interested in Dutch culture.

Cultural Week is one of the main activities annually held by ETS during the fall of each academic year. Through the years, this activity presented many countries and cultures such as Japan, Spain, Syria, India, Tanzania, China, Italy, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Brunei Darussalam, Oman and Kenya.

For this year, the society aims to provide information about the Dutch social and cultural aspects and features, under the auspices of Dr Badria al Shehi, Deputy Chair of the State Council.

The exhibit includes fourteen different corners where the society members provide information on the Netherlands, its language, history, geography, sport, literature, architecture, religion, and the relationship and ties with Oman. There are also interactive corners where some entertainment and tutoring activities are provided beside the live cooking corner.


Students from different colleges at Sultan Qaboos University collaborated for the success of The Cultural Week. They agreed that the preparation for this event enriched both their skills and knowledge; it developed many of their skills besides the knowledge they acquired about other cultures. The preparation for this week refined their cooperation, communication, craft and many other skills.

Khalifa al Jabri, a mechanical engineering student and the head of the ETS society, shared, “We are excited to organise this Cultural Week. While there were lots of challenges, we are happy that we were able to provide a dynamic exhibition covering different aspects of Dutch society.”

He added, “This is a great comeback for society and the university in general after two years of life disruption caused by the pandemic. It is our hope that we will be able to do more activities that allow for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.”

Khalifa said that handling such an event allows them to refine their management, patience, communication and problem-solving skills. The preparation for the event provided them with new tasks and challenges to deal with.

Khalifa expressed his profound thanks to his peers who cooperated and supported them in the event’s success.


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