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Why do we need a holiday?

Holidays are extremely important for many reasons and that itself is an objective to plan few breaks in a year.

There are at least two reasons why each individual needs a break and the type of breaks could vary.

Went on a trip to explore holiday plans of Oman’s national carrier, Oman Air. The destination was Phuket, Thailand.

The trip was pure example of widening the mind’s horizon. There was an element of excitement of being in a new country wondering about its cultural features, practices, rules and regulations and of course the people. Whichever part of the world, one of the most important attractions of a country is of course the people of the land. The people leave the strongest and lasting impression on the mind along with the sights and sounds.

As the flight landed the first impression was of the people. We are in different countries but we are in one planet sharing the same sun and moon. The first experience of the land was with the people, especially a person who was dealing with baggage, which probably meant he had to deal with hundreds of passengers from different cultures on a daily basis. He still had the patience to explain maybe for the hundredth time where to find the luggage and the location of the exit gates. He assisted some on how to get connected to the free Wi-Fi, while guiding others with the airport procedures. Would it not be amazing to meet hundreds of new faces and accents everyday.

Used to think a journalist has no two days similar because one has to interview different persons for news stories. And now here was a person dealing with people who are often overwhelmed and tensed on the other hand there were the well versed travellers who were calm and patient. Each profession has importance but in every way being human makes all the difference.

An interesting group of people in this world are tourists. They should be studied further because their outlook towards the world must be different compared to the combined global population. Tourists have a purpose in life and they on their own support a vast number of sectors that also create job security for the members of the host country. So there they were - tourists who walked straight from the beach to the streets, a tourist who walked barefoot in the rain allowing her toes painted in different colours reflect the raindrops. Vendors meanwhile are ready with the raincoats and the shopkeepers are helpful with their advice.

Walking on the streets in Patong is a beautiful experience because you can hear conversations in so many languages and the accents themselves are a treat to listen to. After all, languages are expressions of emotions. Walking on the beach meant becoming a photographer to newly weds. There is only so much a selfie can do when the sky is splashed with hues of colours at sunset wanting one to a picture of silhouette one definitely needs a helping hand. And so here was this tourist volunteering and accepting requests. It feels amazing to be the reason to make someone wear a smile. This is definitely a reason for holiday.

Climbing up the steps to Big Buddha in Phuket and taking in all the cultural and spiritual elements was a treat of a different kind because there was a mixture of nationalities sitting together under a huge tree ready to experiment with meditation. Another reason for a holiday - we are ready to relax and try something new and even go through the process of learning.

There is of course one major reason why we are ready to learn and that is time in your hand and being away from daily routine. This gives the holiday maker an opportunity to reflect and invest in ‘me time’ when one is far away from deadlines and meetings.

Now these are just few of the reasons why we need a holiday in addition to the breath of fresh air, new fragrances and aromatic flavours found in each country that is unique in its own way as well as not to forget the bargaining techniques that is to experimented with and the overall shopping experience. No wonder health experts say holidays are great for physical and mental health, great way to reduce stress so one can sleep better, with holidays known to reduce blood pressure it is considered to be great for heart and because of all this a holiday is what everyone should be prescribed.

And with the long weekend declared and is just around the corner this is the perfect time to fulfil this prescription.

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