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Celebrating a day of honour and solidarity

The National Day (November 18) marks the day of loyalty and pride of all Omanis for being inhabitants of this great country. It is the day of expressing tribute and gratitude to late Sultan Qaboos, the architect of Oman’s blessed Renaissance and our benevolent wise leader His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik for his great efforts and achievements to continue the nation-development march with further renewed renaissance.

Looking back over the past 52 years, we can realise how far the Sultanate of Oman has reached and developed in all walks of life. The great achievements of the past decades have been spread in every corner of Oman and flourished over all walks of our lives. All the fruitful outcomes of the country's rapid progress are a result of tireless and sincere dedication and sacrifice of both the Sultans to serve the nation and its people.

In a very inspiring speech, late Sultan Qaboos declared: “The land of Oman and its people are in my heart and in my thoughts and the job I have taken on is a duty, not a ceremonial honour”. These words reflect the sincerity of late Sultan Qaboos to help his people to get a better life and a prosperous future, which he promised of since his first day of ascension to the throne.

If truth to be told, the National Day anniversary mirrors Oman’s journey, which has been brought by our beloved late Sultan Qaboos. He was undoubtedly a gifted man who worked hard and devoted himself to make the dreams of the country a tangible reality. We all bend on knees praying for the late Sultan on this day for all the sacrifices he made over the past five decades of nation-building.

His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik went on the same path, renewing the blessed Renaissance of Oman. Along with His Majesty’s personal commitment to the development of man and nation alike, His Majesty called upon Omani citizens to shoulder the responsibility and play their significant role as well in serving the nation to achieve further progress and prosperity. His Majesty believed it is an essential approach that the people should work closely with the government like different organs of one body.

His Majesty in his first speech said: “People of Oman, the trust thrust on our shoulders and the resultant immense responsibilities require us all to work together for the sake of our country’s magnificence, with a persistent resolve to promote it to the loftiest levels. This cannot be realised without your support and cooperation and combination of all efforts to achieve the desired supreme national goal. Your contribution to enrich all efforts of progress, development and prosperity will be highly appreciated."

Nothing can be said in response to the fabulous efforts and accomplishments made by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik over a record time of the blessed renewed Renaissance. Expressing words of thanks and appreciation is insufficient to value His Majesty's gestures to the citizens since his ascension day to the throne.

As Oman celebrates its 52nd National Day, all citizens express their thanks to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik for his wise governance during the past years of the renewed Renaissance. This auspicious day is also time to renew our pledge to the caring leader as well as to safeguarding; consolidating and taking active part in the joint efforts towards the nation-building process.

We Omanis have many reasons to be grateful and proud of our country. Oman is the land that defines our identity; it is the land we belong to and will die for. Our homeland continues to be always a safe and picturesque haven for citizens and residents. As well, it provides a traditional, warm and hospitable welcome to its visitors.

Happy 52nd National Day!

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