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Four things you must try during this long holiday

The end of the month will be a long holiday. Four days is plenty of time to engage in different activities and chances are, you’re looking for activities that the family can do together.

Some will definitely take the opportunity to check out the desert. Others will head out to villages in the mountains while others may opt for beach or wadi adventures. While there are plenty of things to choose from, we decided to make the following recommendations that will hopefully guide you to have a meaningful long weekend.

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A day trip to Al Qabil and Mudhairib

Our recent discovery of Al Qabil and Mudhairib made us fall in love with this place. There are plenty of reasons why but the top of this is its rich history followed by the astounding provincial scene offered by this agricultural town located a few kilometres away from Rimal Al Shariqiya. A two-hour trip from Muscat, this day trip will allow your family to see a different side of Oman — one that will immerse your kids in ancient and abandoned villages and meet locals that can teach them key cultural practices.

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Explore the waters of Wadi Dayqah

If you want some water activities that the family can enjoy, the new water adventures available in Wadi Dayqah will impress you and your kids. An initiative by the government, several water adventures like kayaks, standup paddle boards, doughnut boat rides, rafting, mountain biking and even camping are making Oman’s biggest dam a key attraction about an hour away from Muscat. Explore beautiful cliffs and mountains as well as breathtaking views while doing different adventures — a perfect way for the family to unwind and relax.

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DIscover an abandoned village in the desert

If you plan to explore Oman’s desert and look for a place with soul, then you can’t go wrong by exploring the abandoned village in Wadi al Muir in Jaalan Bani Bu Ali. Check out the stone houses all covered up by sand and be mesmerised by the power of nature as the strong wind that often visits the abandoned houses moves the sand around. It’s also a few kilometres away from places like Ras al Jinns and Ras al Rowais giving you ample options to go beach swimming on top of what to us is already a memorable experience.

Explore the hiking paths of Misfat al Abriyeen

Many of us are already in love with Misfat al Abriyeen. What is there not to love? Historic, beautiful village? Check. Year-round green gardens? Check. A great selection of coffee shops? Check.

But if you’re the kind of parent that wants to challenge your kids, then the hiking path outside of the village through the W9 Trail will open up a whole new world for you and the family — one that’s made of amazing rock formations and intimidating cliffs. Be warned though, this is quite a challenging hike so if you’re bringing kids, make sure that they can do some of the more challenging paths.

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