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This is a day of pride, dignity and the continued and extended sense of belonging. The Royal Oman Police has always received support and enhancement to its systems be it in the aspects of training or practice

November 18 is the pride day for the Royal Oman Police (ROP), citizens and residents. This is the day of renewal of resolve and diligence to deliver the message and preserve security and stability. With the anniversary of the glorious National Day, ROP renews its commitment to upgrade its system and personnel in line with the emerging challenges and developments. ROP is committed to contribute to the implementation of Oman Vision 2040.

This is a day of pride, dignity and the continued and extended sense of belonging. The ROP has always received support and enhancement to its systems be it in the aspects of training or practice.

The ROP undertakes the task of providing security at all locations through its police centres that are distributed all over the country. Besides, ROP delivers services in traffic, passports and civil status at its service centres in all wilayats. Also, ROP boasts special task force units that can effectively handle any emergency and provide support to the other formations of the ROP.


The ROP general command has laid down training plans that are in consistency with the nature of its missions and in line with the emerging security challenges. The Sultan Qaboos Police Academy and the training departments and divisions at the ROP formations are in charge of the training of the police personnel using the latest training programmes and scientific and academic application.

The ROP managed within a short period of time to convert its services into the digital domain, particularly the services rendered to citizens and residents. The ROP digital services are seamlessly accessible and easy to use.

Since the announcement of the transformation to the digital government and the realisation of the digital society, the ROP planned to go ahead with the implementation of the strategy and began laying the groundwork and replacing the paperwork by digital services to ensure the provision of quality services to the public.

The Directorate-General of Information Technology has upgraded more than 30 e-systems to support the comprehensive and integrated systems and provide the basic digital services to citizens and residents through several channels to enable them to easily accomplish their procedures. The ROP’s state-of-the-art application with its progressive designing and ease of use alongside the ROP website both of which were fitted with the PKI feature, play a key role in providing high-quality round-the-clock fast digital services.


As for the traffic services, most of them are available on the ROP application and website. The services of vehicle registration and renewal of vehicle registration can be done in record time and the same goes for the renewal of the driver’s licence, payment of traffic fines, issuance and renewal of the learner’s driving permit.

The ROP managed to convert more than 40 customs transactions to digital services meaning that all customs services have been digitised and can be processed through Bayan Electronic Single Window. Hence, the services provided by the Directorate-General of Customs kept pace with the technological development and realised the desired goals of streamlining customs clearance and expediting investment procedures. Firms and customs brokers are now able to complete all customs procedures from anywhere in the world before reaching the customs checkpoints of the Sultanate of Oman.

Likewise, the passports and civil status services have seen a big progress following the completion of the e-visa system which allows for online submission of the visa application through a single window. Also, it is now possible for citizens to apply online to renew passports or request a new one.

In addition, the ROP provides security escorts through the Oil and Gas Installations Security that can be obtained online.

The ROP is striving to achieve full integration and digitalisation of its services and is looking forward to adding more achievements during the upcoming period in line with Oman Vision 2040.

The development and construction system and the activation of the modern customs and security procedures have contributed to stimulating economic and tourist activities. The ROP has introduced high accuracy security surveillance systems and advanced search devices to improve the customs clearance process. This is in addition to the many reinforcements that were introduced to customs clearance to ensure smooth entry of individuals and goods thereby supporting the tourism industry.

The unified security system for managing land, air and sea ports has been designed to comply with the common work environment of the formations specialised in port management. The system is operated by a qualified staff equipped with all the technical implements and are capable of implementing safe control over people and goods flowing through the ports of the Sultanate of Oman.

In order to keep pace with the rapid development and steady growth of the customs sector, and with the aim of facilitating and improving the procedures followed in the security checks and customs inspections, the Royal Oman Police is striving to raise the security performance in the customs field and secure entry into the Sultanate of Oman through its various ports. This is part of the long-term security strategies implemented through the security system for the management of land, air, and sea ports. The security system operates through smart surveillance devices that are capable of identifying passenger and vehicle data before reaching the identity verification point.

The Directorate-General of Traffic focused on the traffic control procedures and securing the road users through deploying traffic patrols and employing modern systems to improve road monitoring. The vehicle technical inspection system has been improved by introducing modern machines with specific standards to ensure that the vehicle is free of any mechanical malfunction that can pose risk to the motorist and road users. Currently there are 50 vehicle technical inspection points distributed across the country all of which are equipped with modern devices and technologies.


The Coast Guard Police Command undertakes the tasks of confronting smuggling, piracy and infiltration as well as maintaining public security and order at the ports and maritime facilities, coordinating with the competent authorities to combat marine pollution and provide assistance to sea-goers through trained well work teams.

The Directorate-General of Police Aviation supports the police formations of the Royal Oman Police and conducts patrols to monitor the coastal strip, monitor suspicious boats inside the territorial waters of the Sultanate of Oman. It also helps in transferring personnel from other police formations to locations with tough terrain, carrying out search and rescue operations and medical evacuation from remote areas and the transfer of food supplies, needs and necessary supplies to the inhabitants of the mountainous areas.

The Department of Media and Public Relations at ROP strives to harness all media programmes to communicate with the public and raise awareness of crimes that affect society, especially those related to social media and cybercrime. The department raises awareness of the perils of drugs and reckless driving.

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