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3 Omani innovators participate in Falling Walls Lab finals

Maira Ahmed al Qaidi, Dr Faisal Rashid al Marzouqi and Emad Abdullah al Obiadoon
Maira Ahmed al Qaidi, Dr Faisal Rashid al Marzouqi and Emad Abdullah al Obiadoon

BERLIN: Maira bint Ahmed al Qaidiyah, Dr Faisal bin Rashid al Marzouqi and Emad bin Abdullah al Obiadoon from Oman are among the 80 participants taking part in the Falling Walls Lab finals that was held from November 7 to 9 in Berlin, Germany.

Al Qaidi is in Berlin with her project ‘Breaking the Wall of Unsustainable Wastewater Quality Monitor.’ She said:"It is a great opportunity to present my project about the invention of a biosensor based on microbial cells to measure a very important parameter in contaminated water (COD), and to present the idea of the device for three minutes to a group of scientists and researchers, and the main guest of honour of the Berlin Science Summit, in addition to a jury made up of specialised expert that can help me in improving the development of the device.”

Dr Al Marzouqi's project ‘Breaking the Wall of Sea Water to Drinking Water’ is about an innovative way to produce water without relying on traditional sources of energy and electricity. This method relies on sunlight with the help of nanometre thermal catalysts. "This participation will undoubtedly be very beneficial to me, and will refine the basic idea of the project by discussing it with the most prominent researchers and innovators in the same field. It will allow me to see the latest developments in research and innovation around the world.”

Al Obiadoon’s project titled ‘Breaking the Wall of OMMOFs for Climate Change’, involved a new method of using metal tires t absorb gases that affect climate change and turns those gases into environmentally friendly compounds.

He said the Falling Walls Lab competition in Berlin is "A wonderful experience that I learned a lot from. The participation also allowed me to see the latest scientific studies in various fields and meet many of the contestants who I was able to exchange knowledge with.”

The Falling Walls Lab competition aims at boosting innovative ideas and business models among researchers and entrepreneurs across different fields. The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation hosts the competition in Oman and selects nominees for the global finals since 2016. Falling Walls Lab competition aims to build and strengthen relations between distinguished researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and professionals. — ONA

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