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Our concern for the missing 'mother'

No one can think of any harm to a mother. We share this pain with the children of Hamida and her family

Every nook and corner of Oman is now standing in sympathy and support on an issue which has pained the hearts of the entire nation. A mother Hamida has not returned home in Izki for more than a month. Each one of us can imagine the pain and horror, if anyone of us loses his or her mother. There is no end to this trauma. There is no word to express the family's anguish.

Mother is the backbone of a house, family, or a society. No one can think of any harm to a mother. We share this pain with the children of Hamida and her family. We can just hope and pray for her return hale and healthy. Nothing is impossible for the Almighty Allah.

All the efforts are being made by the authorities concerned to find Hamida . Entire country is searching to find her. These efforts will not stop until she reaches home without any harm.

At this juncture, we need to discuss certain issues which are important for the safety and security in a society. We need to look at this aspect with objectivity. All traditional means are being utilised for search. We need to press ahead the use of modern technology in finding her. There is huge scientific and technological advancement in the country and we still need to make optimum use of such advanced methods.

Most of the roads do not have surveillance cameras working round the clock. If they have been at place, they could have helped the security agencies to trace her. Such facilities always help in solving issues or incidents which take place any time. These cameras give clues which help in finding solution to similar problems. Night vision technology is also available everywhere in the world. Therefore, day and night are not an issue for reaching conclusions on such incidents if such facilities are in place. There is sufficient capacity with the agencies and these are to be used to provide safety and security to the people of the country and deal with their problems.

There is no doubt that the missing of Hamida is now talk of the town and a prime concern, not only in the Sultanate of Oman, but even beyond our borders. The word has spread through social media. Every passing day, the pain of the society is aggravating and extending further. It is a tough time for the society. Every next day without 'Mother Hamida' is a pain and concern. Nobody can sit in peace without her getting back to her family.

Any delay in her coming back will be a concern for children about their mothers when they walk out of their houses and for husbands if their wives venture out. Everybody is worried about this. Only Hamida’s return to home can calm down the sentiments.

Such incidents bring to the fore the importance of cameras for surveillance of vehicles and activities on main roads, at fuel stations, outside public toilets, commercial and other vital places. Every wilayat should have surveillance cameras working round the clock to ensure the safety of common people and help the authorities concerned in solving such issues.

If there is any complaint about somebody going missing, these cameras can help in reaching them. Even when there are incidents of theft and crimes, these cameras will be handy in catching the culprits. Such facilities are a must to not only for the safety and security of the people, but also to help the authorities concerned if they come across similar challenges in future. We pray for 'Mother Hamida’s' return.

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