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ROHM presents Omani Traditional Music on November 14


The Royal Opera House Muscat is delighted to present a special show, Omani Traditional Music, to be performed on the Maidan Al Bahri, at the Royal Opera House Muscat. Come and experience the richness of Omani music: a heritage of songs and music which has been treasured over generations, reflecting historic moments and customs. Oman Traditional Music offers a vibrant evening, bright with the cultural history of Oman.

The concert will showcase the richness of the traditional music of Oman, demonstrating the variety of genres from the different governorates and corners of the country. Performers will represent their regions, displaying the different costumes, the range of drums and drum techniques as well as the contrasting regional styles of dance. Each unique presentation reflects a heritage which has been handed down in oral tradition from father to son over many years, each generation bearing the pride and honour of its customs. The concert seeks to inspire the preservation of these traditions and to offer a platform for audiences to enjoy a vibrant evening, bright with the cultural history of Oman.

Do you want to hear the music of your childhood? The music from your family town or village? Omani Traditional Music aims to keep the memories, the magic and the art alive.

How does your native country music make you feel? Connected? Emotional? Inspired? Come and discover the range we have here in Oman.

The Oman Traditional Music will be shown on November 14, at 7 pm at Maidan Al Bahri.

For details or to book tickets, visit the ROHM box office, website or app.

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