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Invest in youth as in nation

Youth, and youth, this word is becoming a trend nowadays all over the world! With all its connotation and denotation, it is being promoted in every occasion, whenever and wherever youth are involved. Yes, youth marks the future heroes of any nation, rather they are the real future investment. Countries worldwide are endorsing youth empowerment in all walks of life as an investment that never fails to provide a great return to individuals, families and nations alike.

When youth are empowered, they are able to fulfil their dreams for they get access to the opportunities, skills, and resources they need to reach their full potential. Youth empowerment is about giving young people equal opportunities and the courage to track their passions. They need not only to get the chance to chase their dreams, but to boost their sense of self-confidence. As Franklin Roosevelt, a former US President, said, “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”.

The future holds promises and dreams for the youth, which can be fulfilled through hard work, dedication, planning, education and words of wisdom. Youth must keep their eyes wide open and work towards bringing a brighter future for themselves and their nations. Further, youth must always remember they are never alone, and shall understand their critical role in the development of society. As youth are regarded torchbearers, it is really important that they are directed to the right path.

Metaphorically speaking, every society is like a collection of charmingly beautiful flowers, where each one’s uniqueness, especially youth, makes the whole bouquet come to life. Flowers are different in fragrance, size, and colour, but when combined, they undoubtedly make the bouquet more fascinating. Similarly, youth differ in their talents and distinctiveness that thrive society’s mixture. In order to get the value of such outstanding blend, youth should always be engaged, groomed and empowered.

Likewise, to get properly invested on, youth should be well informed of the current affairs and the crises that the world is going through. They should be updated on the national struggles and achievements of their countries. Further, youth should be enlightened of their rights, and responsibilities and thus lead by example too. In this regard, the Government of Oman is constantly stressing the significance of empowering youth and endorsing their involvement in building the nation and decision-making process.

On the other hand, dedicated youth-concerned bodies have been established and directed to work on this mission. Therefore, these entities need to reconsider their efforts in presenting the possible opportunities where Omani youth can be involved and empowered. Youth need to be given more opportunities to play their role and share their contributions in building Oman. Probably, a council for youth experts could be formed and consulted when necessary to support the government and private parties.

This will truly encourage youth to shoulder the responsibility with the authorities concerned in the country. Always having youth onboard is a thriving advantage and a rewarding experience. Youth need to be very well empowered, trusted and capitalised in strategically; otherwise their potential abilities would be lost and directed on a wrong track. There are exemplary Omani youth who could be invested towards supporting government authorities or corporates and stand as models to empower other youth in the country.

As the country has observed the Omani Youth Day, we commemorate the day with full pride and honour of all Omani youth who are greatly sparing no effort to contribute in building the beloved nation. All have proved their responsibility to part take along with the government in the decision–making process and build the modern Oman. With all the different achievements they have accomplished in various spheres, Omani youth have proved their excellence to the whole world.

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