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Making waves

Capt Tarek Eldeeb has become a trending name in social media as his safety TikTok videos briefing guests have gone on to hit over 5 million views. A fast becoming a brand in itself is due to his strong social media presence and popularity.

“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly”

“If you can dream it on water, we will make it happen”

“Your safety, Your smiles.”

This motivating quote by Van Morrison, a popular Northern Irish singer-songwriter, has been adapted by an Oman-based marine entrepreneur who educates the beauty of coastline, seas and islands to tourists.

Capt Tarek Eldeeb, an Egyptian, is the anchor man who founded ‘Vitamin Sea’, an events company for all activities based on water.

Further, he strives to bring unique water-based events to life, serving tourists who long to be close to the ocean due to its healing effect.

As the winter season gets busy with citizens, expatriates taking to boats and beaches during weekends, this will be the first post pandemic season which is being looked upon by the local tourism players.

The specialty of Capt Tarek lies in his using social media to educate about the sea and create environmental awareness on saving the sea.

As an influencer, he has become a trending name in social media as his safety TikTok videos briefing guests have gone on to hit over 5 million views.

He is fast becoming a brand due to his strong social media presence and popularity having nearly 70k followers. His video contents are educative containing various safety aspects and have emerged as the face of boating in Muscat.

Information about when it is safe to swim, about life jackets, its uses and the rules to be followed for children are delivered in English and Arabic.

In his TikTok videos, Capt Tarek (@capttarek) also adds a request to be respectful to women onboard.

Capt Tarek has plans towards making dhow (a lateen-rigged ship with one or two masts) rides a must-have for all who want to experience a traditional Omani boating trip.

His popular dhow trips are customised to suit the groups which include family trips, as well as expatriate-oriented events.

Whether they want to swim, snorkel, fish or take part in water sports and activities, ‘Vitamin Sea’ offers to help promote tourists and locals.

He combines his passion for the sea, his knowledge of boating and safety, as well as a creative instinct for their needs.

There are also water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, banana boats and safety protocols which are never compromised. They also host private trips like birthday parties for children and adults, or any other celebration needed with a message.

Three programmes have been designed for the learners as there is much excitement about hosting educational trips in the new academic year.

The first focuses on marine life specific to the region while the second educates on saving the seas and the huge impact on depleting the oceans.

Finally, there is a programme on boating life which includes navigation, using a compass, tying knots and safety. These trips include age-appropriate handouts and worksheets.

As a new company Capt Tarek is grateful for the positive response received from all groups. Although he has an accounting degree his passion was the sea as he always worked in the marine industry.

Capt Tarek and his team are more than capable of meeting the needs of a diverse group of guests. He loves sharing his knowledge with young minds and now plans to share his ideas about the sea with school kids and others.

Says Capt Tarek, “The goal is to start running school trips for learners with a choice of three options for learning material. I also follow a unique pattern of rules to suit the customers.”

“Vitamin Sea is focused on an ethical business model, while showcasing the beauty of Oman in an exciting, fun-filled way. I am so proud of what we have created and inspired for future developments,” he mentions.

Bandar Al Khairan, Dimaniyat Islands and Jabel Sifah are among the amazing boating locations they operate and have plans to expand to other areas soon.

He also has a number of innovative schemes planned this winter.

His silent South African partner who is equally passionate about the sea and boating, feel they have a winning partnership to personalise each trip upon request. They also plan to have their own dhow to host locals, expatriates and foreigners soon.

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