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As winter knocks, desert lovers are starting to head to the dunes


Over the last couple of weeks, dozens of four-wheel vehicles drove all throughout Oman's desert. It was one of the indications that the season has started to change and that the weather finally is good enough for some desert adventures.

In some parts of Bidiyah, hundreds of cars gather in one of Rimal Sharqiyah's most beautiful dunes. It was unofficial but it caught the attention of the locals and expats alike. The thunderous roars of vehicles climbing the steep slopes has become a passion for many and when in the desert, there is no better fun than dunes bashing.

Oman's desert has seen many different activities getting popular in recent years. From sand boarding to camel rides, the popularity of the desert is something everyone in Oman has started to embrace.

Over the next few weeks, there will definitely be a rise in camping activities. Along with it, sun worshippers will rise early in the morning just to watch beautiful sunrises across different parts of the country.

Some of the desert camps have noted that accommodation sales started to pick up. The amazing thing about Oman is that there are numerous camps to choose from, some cater even to luxury experiences.

From infinity pools in the middle of nowhere to dinner under the stars, creativity becomes the game for this winter season, especially for these desert accommodations.

The next question that will be asked in the next few days definitely will be, where are you planning to camp?

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