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Muscat Municipality issues guidelines for outdoor camping


Muscat: The Muscat Municipality has announced that it is not permissible to camp, including caravans and tents, for a period of more than 48 hours, unless with approval from a competent directorate after paying a security deposit of RO100. The license is for a period of seven nights, which can be extended. It will start receiving applications on November 13, 2022.

The guidelines to be followed are:

Camping must be in the places specified by the municipality,

Leaving a separation distance between each site and another of not less than five meters.

The camping site should be kept away from the sites of fishermen and the sites prohibited by security.

The camping site should be at least 100 meters away from residential neighborhoods.

Health requirements:

Maintain cleanliness of the assigned site during the period of use.

Not to use any of the mobile toilets that carry unsanitary specifications and standards

Not to damage crops and wild plants.

Not to erect dirt barriers or any kind of modifications in the natural environment of the camping site.

Not burning or landfilling waste.

Not lighting fires or barbecues in green areas and beach lands.

Safety and Security

The camping licensee is obligated to provide security and safety equipment for each site around the clock.

If a fence is used around the site, it must be made of temporary materials and not obscure the view.

Do not use lasers and lights directed upwards.

Not to use the camp for prohibited purposes and disturb others.

Commitment to the laws, decisions, order, and public morals that must be observed in the Sultanate of Oman.

The issued license number must be installed on a plate on the front of the caravan, tent, or sitting area. The licensee may not assign the license to others or practice the activity. on a site other than the site specified in the license.

Not to use concrete or other building materials for any purpose

Not to use generators that cause inconvenience to site visitors.

Car parks, entry, and exit to and from the site must be organized.

Not to pave or level the site with heavy equipment.


An administrative fine of RO200 in the case of camping without obtaining the necessary license

An administrative fine of RO50 in the event of non-compliance with one of the special controls or requirements.

if the violation is repeated and the violator fails to implement the instructions, the caravan, tent or camping will be removed.

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