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A new chapter in historic ties

Omani-Bahraini Friendship Society has been contributing to strengthening relations between the two brotherly countries in various developmental fields
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The bilateral relations between the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Bahrain are entrenched in history and both seafaring nations share many matters of common interest since times immemorial.

The approach of goodwill, strong interdependence, and historical relations are well established and strike deep in history, as the Omani-Bahraini relations are among the oldest relations that link two countries, and they are deep-rooted and continuous in nature since the civilisations of Majan and Dilmun.

While Oman was earlier known as 'Majan', Bahrain was known as 'Dilmun', later 'Tylos' by the Greek, and 'Mishmahig' by Persian.

Just as His Majesty is beginning the two-day tour of the 'Land of Two Seas' Omani-Bahraini Friendship Society, an association functioning for enhancing the socio-cultural ties and bilateral relations of both countries is upbeat as a new chapter will be engraved in the annals of history.

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"At the present time, the Omani-Bahraini relations are at the height of their era and a well-established model for international relations, as this strong relationship is based on what binds the two brotherly peoples of historical relations, bonds of love and kinship ties. That the relations between the two brotherly countries occupy an advanced position in all fields,'' Rudeina bint Amer al Hajariya (pictured), Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Omani-Bahraini Friendship Society told the Observer.

The two-day visit is one of a series of previous visits between Their Majesties, the leaders of the two brotherly countries, where its importance comes to the continuation of that existing and continuous cooperation in all fields, and certainly the areas of joint cooperation between the two countries will continue in the economic, scientific, health, and public life fields that are in the interest of people of both countries.

Rudeina further said that the existing relationship between the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Bahrain has culminated in many successes between the governmental and private sectors, stressing that with the recent launch of the Omani-Bahraini Friendship Society, the Society has been contributing to strengthening relations between the two brotherly countries in various developmental fields.

"It came to form a new bridge of love and brotherhood as the meetings reflect the level of interdependence and fraternal relations that unite the two brotherly peoples, and to have an active role in various youth, sports, cultural and social programmes. We hope that the meetings also help increase trade exchange between the two countries, opportunities for direct and indirect investments, tourism and other fields that strengthen relations between the two peoples, the two brothers, and further identify ways of enhanced cooperation in many fields."

The main objectives on which the Omani-Bahraini Friendship Society was built are focused on developing and strengthening relations between the two countries in the cultural, social, economic, and scientific fields, besides enhancing youth and sports activities, through organising social meetings and seminars, lectures, art and science exhibitions, publishing timely updates on bilateral relations in newspapers and magazines, advertisements on radio and television programmes, organising press conferences and coordinating with the concerned authorities in both countries, in addition to promoting the cultural and literary heritage between the two countries through film and theatre screenings, and organising literary and cultural events, and issuing periodicals.

The Society also publishes materials, in addition to organising trips and mutual visits at all levels for researchers, scientists, and artists between the two countries, and promoting tourism activities in the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Bahrain through advertisements related to the activities of the Society.


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