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Mount Hajar Exhibition: At the crossroad of adventure and photography

Muna Khalfan carried her camera in her backpack and went adventuring and exploring Oman with her lens that featured the different corners of nature, the harmony of colours, the diversity of terrains and the different shades of beauty.

It’s not easy to climb a mountain like the Hajar Mountains which extend to 3,000 metres above sea level. The most difficult part is carrying a heavy camera to document the hardest moments with creative scenes.

It is more astonishing that the adventurer is an Omani female who combined the love of adventure and the passion for photography at the same time. This woman decided to celebrate Omani Women’s Day this year in her own way by opening the first-of-its-kind art exhibition that shows both the strength of a woman and the beauty of her homeland. Muna’s exhibition “Mount Hajar Adventures” is a result of a massive effort and previous long planning to make it finally see the light.

“The idea of this exhibition occurred to me in 2020. I follow lots of international photographers and magazines that pushed me to think of something out of the box. The challenge here is that you got to be medically and physically fit more than the adventurers themselves to catch the most perfect scenes,” she shared.

Shooting outstanding adventure photography necessitates balancing photography with involvement, as well as combining good camera technique with an attentive observation of events as they occur. Your reward will be dramatic photographs that vividly depict the tale of your trips.

When out exploring, you will encounter different circumstances that will necessitate particular planning for the items you carry and your shooting tactics. Determine environmental threats to yourself and your equipment before embarking on many of these outdoor photo adventures. Safety is your top priority, both for you and the individuals you’re shooting. No photograph is worth putting yourself in danger for.

When preparing your camera for hiking or riding, you should prioritise weight and bulk. When determining what camera equipment to carry, attempt to anticipate the most crucial photo moments to capture while on the route.

Muna displayed 40 photographs taken in 18 different locales throughout 26 experiences. The photographs highlight the beauty of Omani nature as well as the refinement of the art.

The visitors to the exhibition in Art & Soul Gallery in the Waterfront-Muscat get a chance to imagine walking among the deep valleys and to experience free climbing. The themes of the exhibition include also mountain hiking, canyoning, Deep Water Solo, rock climbing, and portraits.

Muna believes that genders are equal when it comes to creativity. “borders are fake lines that we made up and believed on, explains Muna. “There is no such thing called “impossible”. Everyone and every woman, in particular, can achieve the impossible whenever persistence is there”

The exhibition runs until October 31 at Art & Soul Gallery, waterfront — Muscat. You can follow the photographer on Instagram: @Muna.khlafan

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