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Wadi Dayqah is now ready for water adventure seekers

Have you been to Wadi Dayqah lately? How about the Quriyat Dam where the water is collected? If you haven't, then you definitely would have missed the latest attractions that bring visitors to one of the biggest dams in Oman.

The Quriyat Dam has always intrigued adventure-seekers not just because of its stunning views but also because of its potentials as a wholesome family destination.

What's new? The first phase of the water sports and adventure activities finally opened thanks to the efforts of the Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran) and in partnership with adventure group Husaak who oversees the operations of activities such as donut boats, kayaks, pedal boats, standup boards, and mountain biking.

These activities allow adventure seekers to venture into parts of the dam that has been inaccessible for a long time.

Did you know that the dam also has its own secret beach and that further inside, other than the stunning mountain views, that the water flow actually is perfect for rafting?

This development has been a welcome news not just for families but adventure seekers with social media buzzing about these latest adventure additions that guests can try.

While doing the activities, there are a few things one has to remember. While it is allowed to kayak and do the different water activities, it is totally prohibited to get off the different boards and go for swimming on the dam. It is also not allowed to remove the safety vest and all are expected to abide by the safety protocols put in place by the relevant operating company.

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