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Celebrating achievements of women

Omani women have shown their entrepreneurial spirit at the same time have quickly moved into various professions in various fields

The nation is celebrating Omani Women’s Day this week, and it takes us back to 2009, when Late Sultan Qaboos declared October 17 as Omani Women’s Day.

This year the slogan is ‘Women are Partners in Development.’

This is an affirmation to the important role women have in the renewed Renaissance led by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik. The roles undertaken by women today vary and contribute to realise the developmental goals and ends for the nation.

The Honourable Lady, Spouse of the Sultan of Oman, on this occasion, has stressed the great efforts made by Omani women and their role in developing and supporting families as well as the patriotic, social, and humanitarian contributions made by Omani women in various fields.

Years have passed by since the day was declared, and in 2022 we are looking at women working in every sphere. If there is any limitation it is only in an individual’s mind.

Omani women have shown their entrepreneurial spirit at the same time have quickly moved into various professions in various fields.

Waiting for the right job might still continue to be a challenge for young graduates, but it might be the best time to gather more skills and take volunteer work and build on network.

Communication skills is one such that needs to be developed willfully as it can build or break a career. One might have the best qualifications, but may lack skills and if you have technical skills but lack communication skills there is not much to manoeuvre around. From avoiding a person to situation a sense of isolation creeps in. The individual might never even realise it but one cannot survive on their own. Even if one is an entrepreneur there is still a need to work as a team.

So what do women need in the current scenario? Do they need to prove themselves.

A friend replied, women need to be heard.

Another lady said let the women do their thing and not be judged.

But what we probably need is just clarity in the concept of what we really want in life.

Most women comfortably manage family and career although it can be challenging. So this is a day to celebrate her achievements, while it is nice to be appreciated by others the most important aspect is to truly value oneself. And when it comes to valuing oneself the need would be to be conscious of physical and mental health. As they say woman is the central part of a family.

This month will continue to have series of events celebrating Omani Women’s Day, and it would be great for each woman to keep a record of what they achieve especially in self growth until next year October 17, 2023.

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