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Accolade to companion of men


Women are leading in different spheres of life in every country all over the world. They are the primary caretakers and supervisors of children as well as managers of families. International studies show that when a society's economy and political organisations change, women play a significant role in adjusting the family and society, overall, with new challenges and reality.

Women are the real architects of society and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was right when he said: “Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity”. Women have played a remarkable role in social, cultural and political life of the world from very early times. Today, women have presented outstanding achievements in all walks of life; they became countries' presidents, ministers, ambassadors and business leaders.

At the local front, women in Oman have achieved what their counterparts in other parts of the world could not achieve. They contributed so much to the well-being and development of their families, communities and country. From the early 1990s, the government has made great efforts to involve Omani women in the government and share responsibility with men. In several speeches, late Sultan Qaboos emphasised the importance of integrating women into public life.

Over the past five decades, Omani women proved themselves in all fields, including political, social, cultural, economic and others. They actively contributed in the national development process. They have been appointed as ministers, under-secretaries, ambassadors and in many leading positions in the government and corporates alike.

The valuable contribution of Omani women has been recognised in different levels and occasions. Designating October 17 as Omani Women’s Day by the late Sultan marks an honour for all Omani women. This day acknowledges women’s contribution to the country’s social, political and economic progress. It also pays tributes to Omani women and her vital role and great efforts in building the nation along with men.

Therefore, the day is being commemorated to express thanks and gratitude of Omani women to the late Sultan, the man who believed in every Omani woman that she can play a fundamental role in the blessed Omani Renaissance. Omani women are really honoured that they are accorded high attention by the government and given the right to partake in all walks of life in the Sultanate of Oman.

Nowadays, men and women are equally treated in terms of getting their rights and opportunities. The high posts women got in different fields reflect the sincere efforts and praiseworthy deeds they have presented to serve in building their country. Therefore, women should be more responsible with the opportunities granted to them. Stressing on this, women shall take advantage of all the opportunities that have been granted to them, so they can prove their worth and show their capability of overcoming any obstacles that might stand on their way.

In fact, in today's world, women with their intelligence, ambitions, and strength have proved that they are in no way “inferior”. Actually, women's role marks a measure of progress for people according to the modern approach. It is not a mystery, except for being a good mother, a cook, and a housewife; women are also successful in all areas as men.

With renewed Renaissance, led by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, women stand as successful partners along with men in serving the country. Omani women proved it right that they are capable of shouldering responsibility of Oman's development process with their companions. Accordingly, all women are urged, according to their capabilities, experience, skills and their position in life, to play their role in building a better future of Oman and its subjects.

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