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Oman – Australia Cable lights up


Australian-based submarine cable development specialist SUB.CO announced, through its account, the start of the live broadcast of the Oman-Australia cable.

The Oman-Australia Cable (OAC) — a 9,800 km cable which lands in Barka, Sultanate of Oman — was completed earlier this month, as it neared entry into service. This cable is the world's first diversified cable between Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

SUB.CO is building the cable, connecting Muscat with Perth in Australia, via a route that avoids areas within Asia that are affected by regional conflicts or extreme natural events.

Bevan Slattery, the founder of the company, said in a statement that there is another month of testing, and the commercial movement is being passed, expressing his appreciation to the team members who participated in this work since the first day of starting the project.

He said: “I am extremely excited about this achievement, and I know the finish line is very close, with the most extraordinary and challenging times I have seen in the industry. With all the landings completed, we are now moving towards a final stage and then final testing and commissioning.

SUB.CO said the decision to connect the cable in Oman was driven by investment from cloud, networking and data centre providers.

In June, Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel) revealed that it had concluded an agreement with the Australian company SUB.CO to enable it to access the main call centres in Europe through Omantel's extensive network of submarine communication cables.

Under this agreement, Omantel will provide high capacity connections to SUB.CO from Muscat to London, Milan and Marseille through the Oman-Australia Cable (OAC), which is one of the longest direct submarine communications cables in the world.

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