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IGCF emphasises importance of govt communication to foster trust

CENTRAL THEME: Communications revolution has increased public awareness leadership issues
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The 11th edition of the International Government Communications Forum (IGCF) concluded at the Expo Centre Sharjah on Thursday.

The forum was organised by the International Government Communication Centre (IGCC) under the theme ‘Challenges and Solutions’.

In the forum, a group of government communications experts, thought leaders and opinion leaders shared their visions and analysed the upcoming economic and social transformations, as well as the most effective communication tools and methods to address the public during unusual times.

A major focus of the forum was on the role of government communication in introducing specialists to the challenges, and using appropriate communication methods to foster a positive collective spirit, and motivate the public to contribute to finding solutions and adopting appropriate practices.

During the sessions, participants discussed the importance of establishing a relationship between governments and the public, taking into account the stages of development that countries are going through, economic, social and cultural challenges, as well as the aspirations of societies.

Also, the sessions and keynotes discussed the ongoing transformations in the concept of leadership and culture, and confirmed that the communications revolution has increased public awareness of leadership issues. Its openness to multiple sources of information and messages requires the creation of economic, official and social leaders that can indirectly influence culture, trends and public awareness.

Sharjah Government Media Office Director Tariq Saeed Alai stressed the importance of government communication in supporting community trust in its government institutions as a result of rapid developments in the modern era, as well as developing an integrated system of communication tools and methodologies to address challenges in the most effective and impactful manner.

According to him, government communication goes beyond just transmitting government messages or transferring public requests to government agencies. Instead, it involves opening direct channels of communication between the two parties, enabling governments to identify areas that need to be strengthened, and areas that need to be boosted.

In his remarks, he said the forum supports a new phase of government communication in the region, which responds to the great changes in communication, economy and social sciences. Communication is not a fixed concept, but is instead a constantly evolving science that acquires characteristics, formulates strategies, defines goals based on current events, and considers the aspirations of societies and their higher interests, Alai concluded.

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